Letters From God


Julie Andrews


September 2014

When I almost Died

I was admitted to our local hospital by ambulance on Friday afternoon, Sept 19th and underwent an emergency operation at 2am on Saturday morning. I had 500mm, 1/2 litre of pus removed from my uterus as a result of a Strep A infection.

This was after collapsing at my work desk on Wednesday morning and spending 2 & 1/2 days in bed, not eating or drinking, and only getting up to visit the bathroom. I thought I had food poisoning!  My doctor, who took my blood pressure, pulse and temperature, later told me I was one of the sickest patients he had seen. I was dying. When I was waiting to go into surgery I started to shake and I remember one of the nurses saying "she's in shock"

So where was the Lord in all this??     Right there with me

As I was coming out of the anesethic in the recovery room I had this vision. I was being wheeled in a chair through a tunnel of wonderful white light. I knew Jesus was pushing me and I asked to look behind me, where I had come from. He turned me round and I saw red cells on the side of the tunnel which were falling on an army of combat soldiers. The soldiers were horrible and they were winning the battle, but now the red cells were starting to stand up. I remember saying "I don't want to be the bad guys!"  He then turned me round again and pushed me towards the bright white light.

I didn't understand until He explained to me that the combat soldiers were the infection which were overcoming my red cells and I was dying. The bright white light was the unknown future.

In all I spent 4 days in the high dependency unit and then another 6 days on the ward.

The whole time Jesus was very close to me, talking to me, sharing things with me, upholding and uplifting me . I felt totally surrounded by his love. I knew that I had almost died and I really didn't care because I truly wanted to be with Jesus.   But of course my family didn't share that desire and I needed to go back to them!

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