Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Joy Unspeakable & Full of Glory

Who are the virgins?

They are the ones full of joy unspeakable and glory. They are the ones topped up with oil. They are the lovers of Jesus, who praise and honour him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. They rejoice in him daily, even in the midst of tribulation (that's Hard but possible!). They are the Meshach's, Shadrach's and Abednego's who will worship God, even if they die.

They are HOT, white hot, shinning, glorious, the bride of Christ, beautiful. They lift Jesus up and set him on high.

They are neither male nor female, they are both and neither; that is, gender is not important. They are in the spirit, which is as God is. I believe God is both male and female and neither male nor female. He is all. We call him Father because that is how he wants us to think of Him and we assign Him the male gender. But he is Both and Neither. He far, far above our human understanding.

Anyway! I was told that my Joy is my Strength, it is the Oil in my lamp and is the Anointing on my head. The difference with the wise virgins is that they have spare oil/joy for the long night of waiting for the returning Bridegroom. But not enough to share with the unwise.

ALL slumbered and slept. Even the wise virgins. I believe that Jesus will return when we least expect him, when we've grown tired of waiting. We will be "taken by surprise" even those who are waiting for him. That's why he urges us to have extra oil/joy/anointing.

Maybe it will be like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, when Peter, James and John slept while he prayed before he was betrayed. I'm sure that the three disciples were horrified that they couldn't stay awake for Jesus. I'm sure they knew he was distressed but not why. And they would have wanted to be there for him, but they couldn't. They slumbered and slept. Jesus did not condemn them; he forgave.

There is nothing standing in the way for any of us who believe and follow Jesus that can not be overcome by his victory over death. He has promised that those who overcome will have the right to sit with him in his throne in heaven.

Amazing Glorious Wonderful beyond Understanding Promise



1st Peter 1:8 Joy Unspeakable

Matt 25:1-13 The 10 virgins

Rev 16:15 Thief in the night

Mark14:35-40 They slept in the Garden

Rev 3:21 Overcomers granted to sit in Lord's throne