Letters From God


Julie Andrews


2nd Hospital Visit   Jan/Feb 2016

As a result of my operation in Sept 14 I developed incisional hernias. I had three in total and they needed to be surgically repaired. So in Jan this year I went into a private hospital for the hernia repairs and a tummy tuck.  If I needed to be cut open for the repair I thought I may as well do the other at the same time. Pure vanity, of course!

I knew that I needed to have prayer for this operation. Plus the Lord was stirring me up to look for some fellowship. I had been reading prophetic writing on the internet which was being used to touch my heart and  open my eyes again.

I went to a prophetic meeting about speaking in tongues. I was wonderfully blessed by the whole meeting, the message, the prayer and once again being amongst believers. It was the first time I had been in fellowship in probably 21 years.

After the 3 days for the operation and initial recovery I went back to the surgeon for a check up a week later. There was a bit of infection around the wound so he gave me another course of antibiotics. By the following week the infection was worse and I was taken to hospital immediately for a "debridement" of the wound and a special suction bandage and drain put in.

I was sent home to come back the following week, where because the wound was still infected and worse, I was admitted to hospital yet again. This time I stayed 2 weeks, under went 3 operations; two debridement's and a skin graft, to seal the wound once the infection was gone.

February was a loooong month. My family and friends had to travel across town to visit me but I was rarely without visitors which a testimony to their dedication and love.  This time I got my husband to bring a pad, my bible, and my laptop because JESUS was talking to me again and I had new letters to write.

I had received a Bomb under me and He was fast forwarding me into the future. I had been in the wilderness for a long time but not anymore. The Bridegroom is coming and I needed to be ready.

I am still recovering from the operations and I need a further op to fix the hole I have in my tummy as a result of the wound infection. I know the only way I have dealt with the trauma of all this is because Jesus has sustained and lifted and carried me through it all. I have felt and understood his love for me in an new way and been able to respond to Him in a new way. Without Him I would have floundered and sunk.

I lay on the operating table one time saying I love you Lord and heard Him say We love you too, this happened three times and I remember being so happy and relaxed.

When people ask how I coped I say I took it all with a

Great Big Jesus Pill.


May 8 2016

Psalm 126. 5,6 Those that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goes forth and weepth, bearing precious seed, shall doubless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him