Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Little Gems

  From Hospital Feb 2016

Spirit Language   At a recent meeting a lady questioned the difference between the Speaking in Tongues gift and the Interruption. Sometimes the length of the gifts are quite different. I was also curious  as I had wondered why that was so.

I asked the Lord about this. He said that the language of God, Spirit to Spirit is very concise. It is conveyed in a few words, but the interpretation in man's language is longer. He reminded me that He had written in the dust the sins of the men who came to stone the adulterous woman. Only a few words and letters, written in Spirit language.

The Hand that wrote on the wall before Belshazzar, Daniel 5:25-28. The writing was only four words but the explanation that Daniel gave was a lot longer.

Marriage Parable   I have a very strong feeling that Jesus is desperate for his church/bride to be transformed and renewed. But she is so reluctant and resistant to His desire. Wake up, wake up the Bridegroom is coming, don't go back to sleep! Will be bypassed and He will go into the street.

Two things come to mind, a dream (from 1994) and a parable.

Dream: I was in an upper room where a large beautiful pristine but fragile lady was in bed. There was another lady in the room who was smaller but stronger, more robust. She loved the bedridden lady and kept encouraging her to "get up", to "come out". But her enthusiasm was upsetting the delicate lady; breaking her necklace, causing problems and resentment. Both ladies are bridal. In the end the smaller lady becomes the favoured bride and goes out into the street, where she is surrounded by happy joyful people, to meet the bridegroom.

Parable; The marriage/supper where the invited guests didn't come because they were too busy elsewhere with other concerns. So the mastes sent his servants to go out into the streets to compel the people to come to the feast. The Lord will have His wedding celebration even of the invited guest don't come.

Self Death/Suicide     This is a very sad thing; it is ceasing to be in this realm but not in eternity. It is sad because in death there is no repentance or salvation from sin. All your works will be judged.

It is a weapon of the enemy to hound people, literally to death. It shows no mercy and is totally destructive. He uses the "voices in your head" to make suggestions and to torment the sufferer. One victim known to me said he couldn't stand the voices any more. It is particular strong in depressive people.

It is a principality of great power that rules over prosperous countries such as England, USA, Scandinavia, and New Zealand. It is a robber, a thief and the enemy uses it to drove people over the cliff. 

Mankind is wide open to it's attack because of unbelief, world culture of the occult, the Truth is suppressed, there is a darkness in spiritual life and personal permission is given without knowledge.

I have suffered this attack myself, when I spent some 21 years in the spiritual dark and cold. I became suicidal and needed medication to help me overcome depression.

The Lord revealed to my husband that the enemy wanted me "dead by my own hand". I had a Spirit of Anger on me too that would rise up suddenly, taking control and cause me to behave badly, shouting and  throwing things. It fed off my negative feelings of frustration and helplessness.

One day he (my husband) turned to me, when I was angry and commanded the thing to stop and begone, I felt the change within me. From then I have not experienced this anger again. It was a total deliverance as I hated the anger but couldn't stop it.

PRAISE JESUS, His kingdom is Forever Lasting and he sets the captives free.


May 10 2016

John 8.6 & 8 Writing in the Dust

The writing on the wall: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN

Luke 14.16-24 "Those that were bidden will not taste my supper"

Eze 19.32 I have no pleasure in the death of him that dies saith the Lord, wherefore turn yourselves and live ye