Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Treasure Hunt - Part 2  


All of us have hidden treasure from God within us. Sometimes it's buried so deep that the mining expedition to exact it is long and difficult. But just as men search long and hard for hidden treasure so does God waits patiently for us to be ready for Him to go on our own treasure hunt. The joy when it is revealed is Great.

When you see the treasure revealed in others around you, don't be jealous or envious because in God's eyes your treasure is of equal weight and value. An intricate piece of coral in beautiful colours is as much a treasure to Him as a large flashy diamond.

Joseph was given a coat of many colours, very costly to make, by his father as a sign of Jacob's favour. It made his brothers jealous and resentful against Joseph. So when he came with dreams of his pre-eminence over them, (all your sheaves bowed down to mine), that was the icing on the cake!

This time God was prepared and softened one of the brother's heart so that they didn't kill Joseph (as Cain did with Abel). No they just sold him into slavery instead. But unbeknown to all of them ultimately it was the salvation of the whole family.

Joseph had a treasure within him he didn't even know about. He was a great administrator, which was why he rose to favour in Potiphar's household. Joseph might never had discovered that talent if he hadn't had opportunity placed before him. The ability of an administration was not greatly needed in a tribal household, but is a very important role in a kingdom.

That was the treasure that was needed by Pharaoh in Egypt. So when Joseph could not only interpret the dream of surplus and famine, but also give the solution of how to save the country from disaster, he got the mandate from Pharaoh to "Make It So, No 1"

So it is with us. We have treasure within us that God needs for His Kingdom to help it flourish. Sometimes we go through a long, hard process to find it but great is the joy when we do! God can and does reveal that treasure to us and waits for us to receive it and make the most of it, as Joseph did.

The treasure of God is within you, unique and special to you. Don't envy what others have, desire to find your own treasure and embrace it. "Turn your thoughts and understanding to see how I see, you have it within you. Expose the hidden treasure buried in you ( your soul and spirit), bring it to the surface, develop it and rejoice in the wonder of it. I will increase it and polish it to be a shinning jewel and gem in the Lord's treasure house"

We're going on a treasure hunt: Will you come with me?


June 12 2016

Genesis 37, 39-46 Joseph's Story

Isa 45:3 I will give you hidden treasure, riches stored in secrete places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel that summons you by name