Letters From God


Julie Andrews


The New Jerusalem and New Age Kingdom

The new Jerusalem is the City of God's dwelling place. There is no temple because the Lamb and God are the temple in it. Only the pure of heart and those that are undefiled may enter into it.

It is an open portal to heaven. Bigger on the inside than the out.

The rest of the earth still functions as earthly but the New Jerusalem is heaven on earth for the lords and kings of God to live in. They go out to all the Earth and the people therein to bless it and administer the Kingdom rules.

Now you are Ambassadors but then you will be Rulers in His Name. This is a new concept from Ambassadors to Administrators. Establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth and administering His reign; both in men's hearts and their whole lives.

The New Age is the establishment of God's Kingdom under Heavenly rule, with Jesus as King.

Devine Authoritarian Kingship is the Best Government for Man

Not democracy but Authoritarian Kingship, Not by Darkness but under Light. Jesus is the Light of the world, when He reigns in total authority over the whole earth, Man will totally benefit and thrive.

The only way to ensure that this happens is to banish darkness for the duration. So Satan is bound and can not deceive the nations. Because by choice man chooses darkness over light. In the Kingdom age there will be No Choice. Man will live by God's reflexed light only. Therefore, man will prosper and all the present evils we live with now will be banished.

But when Satan is released he will go out to deceive mankind again, naturally, and again mankind will let themselves Be deceived. Even given a taste of the first Adam's existence they will still chose darkness over light, lies over truth.

June 15 2016

Authoritarian Rule; a ruler with absolute power, who can dictate the lives of those under him. Despotic, tyrannical, dictatorial, non-democratic. In history always associated with Darkness and Evil rulers eg Hitler & Stalin from 20thC.

 New Age King: kind, gentle, easy to be entreated, loving, faithful, truthful, just, righteous, peaceable, impartial, meek, incorruptible, good, patient, temperate, merciful, full of integrity, honest

Some of His Names: The Son of God, The Word, Emanuel, Jesus, Lord of lords, King of kings, Prince of Peace, the Good Shepherd, our High Priest, King of glory, Lamb of God, Sun of Righteousness, Governor, Messiah, Saviour, Wonderful, the Most High, Son of Man