Letters From God


Julie Andrews


If I Be Lifted Up from the Earth, I Will Draw All Men Unto Me

When we lift Jesus up He draws all peoples to Him

Jesus is the one who draws the people to Himself. Not Us! Our commission is to lift Him up, place Him in the Centre of our lives and the places we go. This is to enter into the holy place of His rest, to lift Him up that He draws people to Himself.

Moses was instructed to place the serpent on the pole so that those of the Israelites that had been bitten by serpents would be healed if they looked/believed upon it. Jesus is the Saviour lifted up on a pole (crucified) if we believe on him we shouldn't die. If we regard and believe in Jesus we should be saved.

God is all things to all men. He had me listen to Mozart's Theme and Variations for piano. We know the tune as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", or "Baa Baa Black Sheep". The tune is always there in the variations just modified, sometimes quite a lot but still recognizable


So is God , he loves variety!  He is creative and unrestricted within the frame of Who He Is. We need to learn to recognize Him in different "disguises". In other words, to be so familiar with theme of God  that we instantly recognize Him Anywhere, Anywhen, Anyway, Anyhow and Anywho. This is learning to discern Spirits - we can immediately know God's message: Yes, Yes, No, Yes: distinguishing between Truth and Lies.

When God begins a new variation and restore a truth that has been lost, there is always resistance from man. But He persists and will grant a revival to those who take up the challenge and believe. Man starts enthusiastically and God is faithful. Jesus is Lifted Up! Then a change happens and man starts to get proud of what They have achieved. Then the stumbling starts and the move of God will be stopped, set in place and become static. So God moves somewhere else to start a New Variation, which starts enthusiastically, becomes established, man gets proud or lazy or blind, stumbles and becomes static. So Another Variation is started!  Look at the all the Protestant Variations!

Movement is Life. All living things move: some very slowly and some fast, but Life Moves. Stasis is Death. When things die they don't move and become static, rigamortis sets in. So it is with a movement of God that becomes resistant to change and variation,when we become unyielding.

Jesus said that God was a vineyard keeper who prunes the dead, dried up branches of the Vine (Jesus) who don't bear fruit anymore. He encourages the new supple branches to grow. The old and the new exist together for a time then He prunes the old, so the new can grow and thrive.

The work of Holy Spirit is to water and feed the new move/ branches so they grow and mature. God takes us on a journey where things will be different, new territory: strange and exotic. But if He is leading and guiding, we can trust Him that He will lead us into Truth and Righteousness.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who leads us into new pastures for His Name's sake. Sheep love the familiar, but The Shepherd knows we need new food and fresh understanding and growth. New fruit and New Ways.

Change is Good if Jesus, Holy Spirit and God the Father are in it.

Don't hold back, go forward in confidence and joy that God has gone before you, he will surround you and rejoice with you.

BUT MOVE! - Movement is Life, Status is Death

Purple Rain to Refresh Dry Bones

June 20 2016

John 3:14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up

Numbers 21:19 Moses made the brass serpent for the children of Isreal to be healed

John 15:1--8 The vine yard and the vine keeper

Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd