Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Joseph and David

Both Anointed Men of God

Joseph was a younger brother in his family. Jacob had a lot of sons from Leah his first wife, but he really wanted Rachel so when Joseph was born to him, he became the favoured son. Joseph was given a coat of many colours which signified favour and his father loved him greatly. Naturally his brothers were not thrilled with this favourtism.

Joseph was thrilled with his dreams of his elevated position; he probably felt very much the younger brother, a bit inferior. But mostly he was thrilled that God was talking to him. He wasn't thinking about how his brothers would receive the dreams when he excitedly shared them with them! His brothers were resentful of this "upstart" youngster and the dreams were the icing on the cake. They plotted to get rid of Joseph. Fortunately this time the Lord softened one of the brother's heart and they didn't kill him but sold him into slavery. Their attitude was the same as Cain's towards Abel; jealous.

Shocking really to sell a blood brother into slavery and then deceive their father as well. Jacob never really recovered from his shock but the brothers never broke the convenent between them because Jacob always believed Joseph was dead.

When Joseph next saw his brothers begging him for food in Egypt, he was shocked at how ragged and hungry they were. He himself was well fed and prosperous and he was horrified at their condition and situation. But he needed to test them (with the stolen cup) to see what was the condition of their hearts. When he saw they were trying to protect their father from further hurt, he was confident that their hearts were softened and they would receive him. He had compassion for them and gave them food out of the abundance of his storehouses.

Likewise David was a younger brother not greatly esteemed by his family. Certainly when the prophet Samuel came to anoint one of Jesse's son they had to bring David in from the fields. He was perceived as the weakest, the dreamer, the musician and the "pretty" boy. He was the shepherd which a lowly job, he was regarded as the "runt" and his brother felt superior to him.

He was largely left to his own devices, alone with his sheep. That's why he spent the time with the Lord, singing and rejoicing, having conversations with Him which Jesus loved. David treated the Lord as a real person, not just a concept. This is why David was "a man after God's heart", because God longs for conversation with his saints, David would sing and Jesus and his angels would gather round to enjoy his company. "David was never alone or lonely because We were together." He practiced his sling shots to protect the sheep. His brothers laughed at him but he took his job seriously and was the best shepherd of Jesse's flock. They prospered under David's care. They loved his singing.

David meditated on his family's history and it's interaction with God. So when he saw what was happening with the Philistine army he saw it in a different way to everyone else. He realised that this was a situation where God could deliver them, Israel, and he didn't understand the army's attitude.

The Israelites were defeatist in attitude.

David was "who are these people and why have they come against the Lord's people"

He saw the situation through My eyes because he had spent time with Me and understood "Who I Am"  "I AM" would deliver Israel out of the enemy's hand if they believed. Question was Would They Believe?

Even if only One person did then All would be delivered. David Did.

It is always a question of Attitude; What is in the Heart towards God

Even if only One believes, All will be delivered.


July 15 2016

Genesis 37,38-50 Joseph's Story

1 Sam 16:12-13 David anointed as king

1 Sam 17:13-54 David slays Goliath