Letters From God


Julie Andrews



David was chosen as king because of his attitude to ME: he was a man after My own heart

I am looking for the ones who will praise and honour me in everything.  Paul and Silas lifted Me up on high when they were dumped in prison for preaching the Kingdom. That became a miracle, and turned into the saving of the jailer and his family.

David spent his time with Me in the fields with the sheep, lifting me up. He faced down the lion and the bear. He had confidence in his weapon, his sling and his own accuracy, he had practiced. Because of his attitude of belief and trust I gave the increase and made sure he never missed when it mattered.

An injured lion/bear is Very dangerous

A dead lion/bear is Destroyed and No Threat

Saul and David - David was the one with the anointed gifts and attitude. Always he put Me first and rejoiced.

With Joy in his heart, he had confidence and understanding which he carried wherever he went. He moved in the anointing.

He took time to come into his full inheritance [Kingship] but that was his learning and refining process. He learnt to trust Me no matter what. He was surrounded by enemies but he trusted that God would destroy them. He walked through the valley of the shadow of death but feared no evil for God was with him not them.

He didn't run away from the battle, nor avoided the "world". Trusted God would save him not them.

He didn't understand why Saul was throwing javelins at him, he just avoided them. When the enemy throws accusations at you - Duck! They don't have the power to destroy you if you trust in me. Recognise the truth [if there is any in the accusation], deal with it. Bring it to me and repent and Then Move On. Forgive the transgression. David didn't hate Saul, he knew Saul was the king and respected him as such.



July 15 2016

Acts 16:19-34 Paul & Silas in prison