Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Hello Again - New thoughts and new revelations  

I had a dream about playing a violin solo at the master's feet. The fitness of the hearts of men and the thoughts of men = the strings of the violin. When the strings are tightened and made to harmonise, by the touch of the bow, the most wonderful charming music is produced. If they are not "in tune" then the touch of the bow only produces discord.  The production of sweet sounds when all the strings harmonies is again dependent on the air , the force and the motion of which sound is carried to the earth. In the same way to harmonise the thoughts and imaginations of men, the presence of the stimulating breath of the Holy Spirit is necessary. When that is present there will be produced heavenly airs and joyous harmonies in our hearts, both in this life and in heaven.

Image result for violin music Are our thoughts and heart's in line with God? Do we think His thoughts and see His ways? The plumb line needs to be right in the center to be straight. Make Straight the Lord's paths and Straight His Ways. Near enough is not good enough.

His desire for us to produce beautiful music, to be a sweet sweet sound in His ears. When we are filled with upset and moaning we are a jangling unpleasant sound and we lose our joy. And if our Joy is our Strength then we've lost our strength, like Samson. We become a prey for the enemy and the unscrupulous to rob us and reduce us.

The enemy comes only to rob and destroy; why let him? If we resist him he will flee from us; we resist with our joy. "Though the fig tree doesn't blossom and there be no fruit on the vine, yet will I rejoice in the Lord". This is total confidence in God to provide in all situations.

Can our thoughts and hearts harmonise with God's Holy Spirit to rejoice with Him Always?

Every good and perfect Gift is from the Father of Lights:

Truth is "of God"    Glory is "of God"    Peace is "of God"    Joy is "of God"    Praise is "of God"     Revelation is "of God"     Love is "of God"

When we align ourselves with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Jesus our Lord, we will be in a place of harmony with God and our hearts and soul will sing the Praises of our God. We can't help but do this; it is the place of perfection in Him.

Can we, Will we make Beautiful Music with our God?


September 23, 2016

John 1:23 John the Baptist "make straight the way of the Lord"

James 1:17    Every good Gift

Hab 3 17-19 Fig tree does not blossom

Judges 16     Samson's story

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