Letters From God


Julie Andrews


A Nutshell (Very Short) Church History

Our world view is being challenged by God. New revelations and discoveries are happening that force us, if we are honest to rethink what we have understood as "truth". Our world view is being turned upside down!

It is a sign of the last days that knowledge will increase. This means All knowledge. Both the knowledge of God's truth and knowledge of our world. Certainly in the last 500 years God has been successively revealing more and more of the lost truth of the Bible and the fullness of the gospel as taught by Jesus and the Acts of the Apostles.

It was lost in the transforming of the early church into the state run church of Constantine. He wanted to control the "new religion" Persecution hadn't stamped it out, in fact it had thrived under the harshness of the Roman pagan world's rejection. So Constantine legitimized this new religion and by doing so sealed the fate of  original fire and zeal of the early church.

 It was now institutionalized and ratified by men, so it became a "form of godliness' and the real power of the Holy Spirit anointing was pushed out. After all if you have an organized religion you don't want a unpredictable and uncontrollable Presence showing up and upsetting the order of service! In order to get the masses to be "christianized" it was needful to modify the "look' of the new religion to make it more appealing to pagan believers.

So it was necessary to morph the gods and goddesses and pagan practices into the "new religion" so that all the known world could be gathered into the new look christian church. Easy! Just rename all the old gods etc. with the characters of the new religion. So the virgin goddess Diana of the Ephesians becomes Mary, mother of Jesus and the apostles become the new order demi gods/saints. The worship day of the new religion, on the seventh day is changed to Sunday, the Sun god's, day. The new religions priest take on the same dress and look of the pagan priests, with their Dagon hats. Then all the pagan believers can get  "christened/baptised"  just like the new religion says they should.

 The new religion is no longer persecuted, Constantine has access to the believers coffers and the belief system of the new order can be controlled by government appointed priest. No spontaneous "words of wisdom" or "knowledge" no "acts of faith" that couldn't be verified by the official priests. As the institutionalized religion grows stronger it starts to limit access to the bible, the collected writings of inspired Godly men. After all it was now necessary to control and regulate all the new order beliefs to ensure that only the ratified "truths" were taught and recognized.  No "laymen" could possibly be trusted with such rarified writings. And to ensure that this happened the bible was translated into the offical language of the church, which was kept separate from the everyday language of the people.

 Now everyone is happy!  Everyone, that is, except God. Now the real power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is stifled by man. So God goes underground. The real anointed Body of Christ is forced into the back rooms, the unexpected happenings and kept out of the eyes of the official church. And those who will not bow down to the new order christian religion are persecuted again.

The time, when the official man made Christian religion was at its most powerful and influential, are referred in history as the dark ages. It was a time when the power of the now established religious order was able to suppress and control anything new and innovative. Anything that challenged the proclaimed world view, the only accepted "truth", was stamped on with incredible furiousity. The belief systems of the official church now had only a very superficial resemblance to the original followers of "The Way". And the hierarchy of the only accepted religion were totally in control of all things in the known world; both spiritual and temporal.

The belief system had been through so many changes and modifications that when a priest (Martin Luther), who could read the official bible language, started to examine and compare the writings of Godly men with the practices of the offical church, he realised there were hugh discrepancies. In fact the differences were so glaring that he was moved to place a list of these discrepancies on the church door in his town. Thereby serving notice to the official christian religion that there was a challenge to its authority.

This was know as the Reformation, and it was an incredible move of God to bring back the forgotten truths of His Word. Suddenly the bible became accessible to everyday man again. It was helped by the invention of the printing press which spread the bible in everyday language without being controlled by the official church.

Now God started to reveal again the hidden gospel of the Kingdom as taught by His Son Jeshua. And over the next 500 year, to this very year, from 1517 to 2017, the revelation of the Word of God has been released to mankind again in every increasing knowledge. God has added and added and added to our understanding of His Word as revival after revival after revival has happened. Mighty men and women of God have grown in revelation and wisdom as God has opened their eyes. The Body of Christ has been revived.

This working of the Holy Spirit has show forth the gospel that had been suppressed. And as we have come closer and closer to the returning of the Lord's time the knowledge of His Ways, plus knowledge in general has increased. Now we are on the brink of His return, it will be the time of the greatest revelation since the beginning. In fact greater, because He has promised the latter rain will be greater than the former.

 Now we need to be fully conversant of the Fullness of the Gospel, the fullness of God's riches in Glory, we need the greatest understanding of the Truth, The Life and The Way such as never before. We need the full unadulterated truth of who and what God is in as much as we are able to receive in our present form. Why? Because this is the time of greatest need when the Battle is the hardest and the most furious it will ever be.

We must be fully on fire for God as Never before in all of history. Even the greatest of what came before, the Acts of the Apostles, is not enough for this time. We need to surpass that. And God can do it for us - ARE WE READY??

2 Tim 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Rom 11:33 O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

Dan 12:4 But you, Daniel,
roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”