Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Miriam, Deborah & Anna

All Prophetess of God, blessed by Him and Blessed of Him. Raised up with an anointing of power, authority. All knew the power of Praise and supplication.  They lived their lives dedicated to Jehovah, Yawh.

They were separate in and of themselves from the people around them. Different from the normal, consecrated . In but not of the people. This is an acceptable sacrifice of a woman of God - to be in but not of.

 The acceptable to Jehovah is "in Me" not "of Me". If you will truly separate yourself from the world then you will dwell "In Me" and I in you. We will have our abode within each other. In Me, My Spirit dwells within you and we are "at home together", comfortable, respectful of each other, knowing and loving towards each other, rejoicing in the closeness of abiding, happy to be separate from the chaos and confusion that can surround you.

A place of safety and sanctuary. An Arc in a dying world. Not tossed about by every wind of doctrine, not turned over and over by the waves of confusion but safe and secure within the Rock/Arc of all ages and Saviour of your lives. Safe as Noah was - set apart from and above the waves and the storms outside the Arc, the safe place. And as you are securely safe within the Arc, you will be able  to save those who see it - to invite them into the Arc with you.

To invite them to join into your joy - joying in your Jehovah, Elohim, Yawh, I AM - the fullness of the Godhead, the mystery of the Ages, the Bridegroom, the Refuge, the Rock, the Place of Safety, the All in All, the Completeness of your Salvation. This is the place to be as certain destruction comes upon the earth. Judgment is coming but the wise and the anointed of God are called apart and safe within the Arc of covenant to be delivered.

Each of these women of God were set apart from their world: not immersed in the day to day of their worldly existence but made time to seek and follow their heavenly Father's ways and will.

Anna especially - due to her circumstances- chose the hermits way. She was able to because of her husband's death. She chose to "marry"/ embrace God's service rather than seek another husband. It was Her choice and blessed of God. And she saw Jesus the Christ, recognised His significance when she saw Him. The bible doesn't record her words of prophecy but they are written in the books of Heaven as the true and righteous word of the Most High. They blessed the baby Jesus, God's words spoken over Him to bless and protect Him as He grew. They were part of the web of protection surrounding Jesus and his chosen family - Mary and Joseph and children. An Arc to keep them safe from Satan's destruction.

As you speak words of the Spirit, blessed words, you form Arc's of protection and safety around the objects of your prayer. Protective word of power and authority - the opposite of spells and incantations spoken by the agents of the enemy. This is why it is so important to speak and declare these Godly words. They are powerful, they are truth, they are mantles, coverings of protection against the lies/webs of the enemy. Teflon coating protection from the darts, the hooks thrown at you and the righteous.

The whole armour of God is very important at this time. Your helmet of Salvation (head/ thought protection), Breastplate (protects your heart), Loins of Truth (protects belly, reproduction, emotions) Shoes of peace/good news (where your feet tread - on serpents) Shield of faith (darts of the enemy) - mobile, and SWORD OF SPIRIT - Attack weapon - destroys the lies and deceits - go on the offensive.

Take the Word of God to the battle place. Go Forth in the Power and Authority of God to take back the lost territory and reclaim the fallen soldiers. To speak Life to the dry bones (as Elijah did), to speak Life into dead places (of your own lives and others). Sing the Praises and dance before the Lord your victory and honour to Him.

This will unite the women across the world in truth, in one Spirit, one heart, one purpose. They will be As One with each other and with the Lord their God.  When the brethren dwell in Unity  - there God commands a blessing.

Women you have a wonderful and unique opportunity to "Be As One" in the Lord. You are given a mantle that the men have discarded - because as Barachs they are too fearful, as men of the world they are too busy building empires for their own glory.

You are called and chosen to take up the Lord's sword and fight the battle. It is your hour of "Glory to God", your time to break forth. Do It Unto GOD - Your Saviour, Your Arc.

This is the Rallying Cry, the Sounding Call to the Women of GOD. The Last Days Army is Gathering Together and the small , the lowly, the despised and the rejected are the Lord's Choice to be Raised up in the Power of God Almighty to answer the Battle Cry


Midean Women's Conference July 2017 Youtube

Sardu Sundah Selvaraj"s mandate from God to call the women of God to the Last Days Anointing of these 3 Prophetess

The Lord endorsed this calling to me and so I went to the Singapore conference at the beginning of August. Powerful prophetic anointing of God given and received by all those whose hearts were open.

I believe that Brother Sadhu has been obedient to the Lord's mandate and has started a movement of God that we as His women need to take up. It is for us and for our time. It is the humble and the lowly, the rejected and the despised (of men) that God is calling in the last days. Who are they? The women, the children and the youth. Why? Because they are the overlooked and the under rated. By All - even by themselves, but Not by God!

Also because the underrated women, the children and the youth will not steal God's glory for themselves. They are under no delusions that if God raises them up to do what is His will that they have done the works. They will acknowledge that God is great and He has done great things and they are just the instruments of His Choice.

Can you imagine children stealing God's glory!? Then neither should anyone!