Letters From God


Julie Andrews


God is Mighty to Save 2

Daniel was prayerful, Nebuchadnezzar was reluctant. He struggled and wriggled under My Hand. Receiving the first revelation - the first dream statue. He elevated Daniel but then proceeded to make the statue and get the people to worship it. This is pagan thinking and practice - to worship the objects of your dreams. He chose to elevate/worship the object of the dream, the statue, not the Giver of the dream. This although he had been told and did at first receive who He was (who I Am).

The events of Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego being saved from the fiery furnace was to illustrate My authority over his. I can save and he was one of the few who 'saw" Me, the Son of Man, before My first coming - a heathen king. Again he tried to elevate himself over Me, even though he had been warned not to.

The second dream which Daniel interrupted for him. Daniel realised the significance of the dream, even though Nebuchadnezzar didn't really, which is why Daniel appealed to the king to change his ways    (a very brave thing for Daniel to do). But although Neb heard him he didn't understand because a year later he elevated himself in his thoughts. At which point everything come to pass that had been spoken.

It is testimony to the power and authority of both Nebuchadnezzar as an earthly king and Me as the heavenly king that his kingdom remained  for the seven years of his trial and tribulation. His kingdom was not attacked or destroyed during that time because I decreed that it would remain. The devourer could not come against it until I decreed. So when Nebuchadnezzar, in his heart, mind and soul and spirit truly understood and acknowledged My Authority and Sovereignty over him - I restored his sanity to him and his kingdom.

Wonder at the record in Daniel - a heathen king's recorded declaration of belief and exaltation of the King in Heaven is in the Bible, My written Word. No one else and no where else is this so. Because I the Lord God Almighty, am Ruler and Reign over this World, Earth and All that is within it, including mankind, who I created. The greatest king, the head of the statue, found out the Power and Authority of the I AM and bowed his head before Me. How much more the lowly remnants of Israel, the unrighteous and the ungodly of My own people.

Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon's greatest king will stand in judgment with all the righteous ones over the ungodly people of this earth/planet. Because he humbled himself before the Throne of God, to acknowledge the True Final Authority. And what the greatest king (on earth) has done then how much more the lowliest person on earth should do.

Mankind you have No Excuse before Me. I AM WHAT I AM and all knees will bow before Me - It behooves you to understand WHO I AM.

Dan 4     The story from Nebuchadnezzar's perspective. He personally tell us his testimony of God's dealing with him and addresses it "to all the people, nations and men of every language, who live in all the world" He was probably thinking of his time and space but by being included in the eternal "word of God" the bible his message has gone far beyond his time and space to literally the end of the ages and the ends of the earth. God's perspective is so much greater than our own!

The great king of the golden statue's head has borne testimony: 'And those who walk in pride he is able to humble"