Letters From God


Julie Andrews


12 September 2017

United States of America

If you want to stay united then you need to ROAR you defiance at the forces that are trying to pull you apart.

On November 8 2016 you roared your approval of a man who stood outside the confines of  the political structure of your nation. He was an Outsider - not a part of the political system. And you roared your acceptance of that choice. Only the Lord God of Truth and Righteousness could have done this for you. And He Did

In the year gone by the old decedent, sly and corrupt system has tried to pull and tear down the standard that your choice has put on high.

Now you need to reaffirm in your and God's choice because if you don't  the enemy will through sly and deceitful and underhand ways, destroy your choice.

So ROAR back at him - he can not stand up against that Roar. Do not allow the old system to kill and destroy the new way. Be Wise, Be Strong, Be Vigilant. Roar at the old tired deceitful and decadent political system.

Remember the Lion King. The uncle killed the strong true king by betraying him and then blaming the rightful heir for the death of his father - which was a lie. The old deceitful lion then ruled and the pride was ground into submission and poverty. He used hyenas to reinforce his rule - not even of the same species. Beware the lies and deceits of the old system - do not believe or rely on their words. They/It is for itself only.

Roar your defiance of the old and Roar your approval of the new. If you do this you will have years of plenty - time to accumulate for the destruction to come. It will be difficult enough but much worse if you allow the new order to fall.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who is able to overcome all who stand against Him. But You must stand with Him and for Him.

United you will stand:  Divided you will fall


I have been praying and contending for USA. Watching the incredible fight going on to undermine and remove the elected choice of the people from power.

Whatever we may think of the man Donald Trump personally he was God's choice and God put him in power. This is why the enemy is trying so hard to remove him.

Think what it would mean if the largest and strongest country who stands for democracy in the world were to by "legitimate" means remove from power the choice made by the majority if it's citizens.

 I personally do not think that would be pleasing to God or would be a positive step for mankind.