Letters From God


Julie Andrews


The Good Samaritan

There is so much that of value that we can lose because of the actions of in our spiritual life. It can be "rip out of your grasp". The enemy really has to "take us by surprise" kicking us when we are down to rob us of our blessings. Be warned he does and that is why he is successful. Because it (the attack) is unexpected and abrasive. Many times it is an abrupt surprise, the unexpected action of another that can act as a catalyst.

Something pierces the armour we have to the very core of ourselves. The enemy has no conscience, no honour, no mercy. If he can wound and rob he will - including using those who are closest to us. Beware of the unexpected that wounds, hurts abruptly, a fiery dart that slips past your guard. It measures that point in your armour which is weakest. The armour is able to be pierced and he has found that way in and though to you.

Think about what is the result of these attacks are - hurt, anger, bewilderment, the flesh rising up to attack back. All these reactions are " not of God". They are natural, fleshly. If Holy Spirit convicts you of sin (it is His job) then the result is godly sorrow and repentance. There is a place of peace within when we respond as directed by Him. Then the captives are set free and the prisoners are released with joy. Sing and dance before our Saviour for His great mercy. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. When the enemy rods us of a blessing- it is not like that! We are left wounded and laying by the wayside.

The Good Samaritan. There are two parts to the parable: 1) the action of the Samaritan and 2) the acceptance of help and restoration by the wounded man. The one robbed yielded and accepted the help, he did not stay wounded and robbed. He allowed the helper to administer help and he received it.

The Samaritan is like the Holy Spirit - He is there to help and aid you when you have been wounded and hurt. Accept His help - He will never condemn or deride your wounds or hurt. He is kind and gentle, loving towards you. Do not resist Him and thereby grieve Him. Because He dwells within you He knows exactly How best to help you, He understands exactly the hurt that has robbed you and His desire is only good towards you. Accept and receive His help, allow Him access to the room of hurt, the place of wounding. It will remind you again of the pain but it is necessary treatment to the healing process.

The Good Samaritan went to enormous trouble to ensure the wounded man was fully restored - He stopped at nothing to achieve this and so with My Spirit. He will stop at nothing to set you free and heal your wounds. Allow and enable Him to do the work, yield your wounded spirit to Him and let Him heal you from within.

My love is very great, without end towards you and I Am able to heal you. Nothing is too hard because LOVE NEVER FAILS. Only believe and it is so - ask for faith and belief to come in and override the lack. I will give generously - it is My nature. But how much My Beloved can you and will you receive. Open your heart and your mind, your soul, your very being to receive. Do not resist.


When I was in Singapore I accidently ripped a diamond earrng out of my ear which I lost. I was shocked and dismayed as it had never occured to me that such a thing could happen: it had never happened before. This was the letter I received that night from the Lord

Luke 10:30-37  The Good Samaritan parable