Letters From God


Julie Andrews


The Coming Time

There is a time coming such has never been before on the face of the earth. And for that time a people coming such has never been seen upon the face of the earth.

An extraordinary time and an extraordinary people. A people set apart from everyone else, a special and peculiar group who shine like the stars in heaven - glorious and beautiful and exceptional. They are the remnant ones, the set apart ones, holy to Me, the Lord of Hosts. You are truly separate from the normal run of the mill. Unique in time and space. Call forth to shine, call forth for glory.

Prepare yourselves for a new day dawning and a new time. Nothing shall be as it was but these, My people, were born for this time. New anointing - separate and holy shall be upon them. They are the Lord's storm troopers, the special forces, honed and prepared by unique circumstances for a time such as this, and set apart for this time to come.

All that is required for this time and this people has been prepared before hand. All the ingredients together and blended, nothing needed is missing. Just the heat of engagement is needed to bake the ingredients and transform them into  the perfect solution for the time.

Do not be afraid - I have gone before you to prepare the way. All things necessary for this time have been prepared beforehand. The special and uniqueness of this time and it's people are fully restored and ready - nothing missing. the work of God is complete and whole, totally to be relied upon. Your God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

All will be sufficient for you, My Beloved, I will not leave you or forsake you. I Am all your sufficiency. Be confident, be assured that everything you require has been prepared and all your needs will be met in fullness.

I love you and I AM will you, I will never leave you or forsake you. Only be ye strong and very courageous - it is your time and your destiny. Your God is Mighty to save and Deliver you.


The last days remnant believers/church. The latter rain is greater that the former