Letters From God


Julie Andrews


India - My Jewel in the Crown

India, My beautiful jewel in the Crown. You gave of your very highest and largest jewel to the foreign Queen of the Empire who had conquered you. A diamond of great size and value. This foreign Queen who had never set foot in your land, never personally visited but whose subject trampled and stamped their authority though out the land.

Wherever they went they imposed a foreign standard, a new measuring rod upon your people and your lands. And you humbled yourselves under the yoke of their rule. And you benefitted from it. The reign was sometimes harsh and heavy but mostly light and fruitful. A land of mixtures and petty concerns was brought together to function as one unit.

 And mostly you were gracious in your submission. Only those who rebelled were those who had lost a stranglehold of power by demonic means. A reign of terror and corruption that controlled the innocent, the small and the despised. They clashed directly with this new authority of the foreign queen.

But my joy was in you so the rebellious were stopped and you were My shining star- a jewel of great price. Your humility and submission before Me is noted. Your prayer and supplication is acceptable to Me.

I Am about to pour out a blessing upon you that you can scarcely contain. Full to overflowing, running and pouring over, soaking you and the land with power and blessing and anointing from on high. I have seen and I will openly reward what has been sown in secret.  What the world has not seen bit I have, will be openly rewarded.

I will not be in man's debt , I AM a God who sees, hears and openly rewards. So receive the outpouring of favour and blessing fro the storehouses of heaven. That which you have sown in secret now reap in the open.

Take this favour, this blessing and spread it - spread it like butter on toast into all the parts of your land and then into the world. The dry parched "toast" will receive and absorb it, be moistened, will soak up the richness of the blessing. Spread it, scatter is it within your land and through out the world.

You have sown in repentance and submission to a Holy God. Of course opposition will rise up to try to overwhelm you but be Strong and very Courageous - like Joshua - I Am with you and not them. They will be overwhelmed, destroyed and transformed the fire of the Living God. I Am about to light a fire, a bonfire and the jewel that you are before Me will be raised and purified to take center place in My Crown.

As you have submitted yourself in humility before Me, so will I raise you up on high. You will be the envy of My people Israel, a goad to them, This is what the Living God can do with a people submitted and humble before me - these are the ones I desire, the ones I raise up. I Am the Lord God and I am able to bring the proud, the boastful to their knees . Nebuchadnezzar, a pagan non Israelites king was taught of Me and understood the power, authority and majesty of the Living God. He and non of the Israelite kings before him. '

You are adopted and called and chosen by Me to reveal to My people Israel that I Am Still their God and they are Still a people before Me.


I was praying for India, lifting her up to the Lord. Even when I fell asleep and woke up again later, I was still singing praise to the Lord about India.

The jewel that the Lord is refering to is the large diamond that was given to the British East India Company in 1849 who gifted it to Queen Victoria. It is set in the crowns that have always been worn by the Queens of Britain, starting with Queen Victoria, and lastly by the Elizabeth Queen Mother.

It is the Koh-i-noor, "Mountain of Light"