Letters From God


Julie Andrews



Guard the marriage that the Lord has given you. Treat it with care and reverence before God - do not throw it away, or consign it to the rubbish heap because it has become old and tired. Allow the Lord God to breath new life, new love into it.

Beware the enemy of your soul tries very hard to rob and wrestle the blessing out of your life. But if the marriage bonds are of God then no matter how tattered and worn the rows and bends may look the blessing of unity is still better joined than broken.

Fight for unity, fight for the bond, remember your first love - the joy of your beginning. In God all things are possible. Unite your hearts together as one again. Return to the love of your youth. Do not be tempted to throw away the treasure given of God because it has "passed it used by date".

Old silver is still silver beneath the tarnish of misuse. There is still the value of the original under the tarnish. Treasure the love that was first delivered, the unity and the strength of the bond. Yes it may have weakened over time but it is still alive and well and can be revived if treated with care and loving kindness. This world and its thinking is that nothing is of value after it has lost it's shine and initial newness. It doesn't look brand new anymore, throw it out.

But the valve of the old, careworn, battered antique is brighter than the brand new and shining. The old Rolls Royce is still a Rolls Royce and a new "bling" vehicle can not match it for longevity. And old battered, tattered marriage that has survived the storms, the banging and crashing's of life has great value and is a treasure stored in heaven.

So value and hold in high regards the marriage of your youth. Do not be tempted to fling it aside because it has lost it's shine and become tarnished. Fight for the value of the original, the treasure hidden beneath the layers of dullness, the dust and the accumulated dirt. Invest time in renewing and removing the stains.

Remember your first love, the freshness of your affection. Don't throw it away. Allow God who put you together to restore and renew, to make straight the crooked paths.

He is Able: Are You Willing?

Gen2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Hebrew Word דָּבַק, דָּבֵק cling, cleave, keep close