Letters From God


Julie Andrews


"Shatter the Lies"

 I woke up in January 17 with this ringing in my ears

The Truth sets you free. Jesus spoke it and it is so. Lies on the other hand catch one in a web of deceits and confusion. I have found increasing that it is true "where there is confusion and strife there is every evil work" It is a very good test for discerning the spirit of a matter.

It is time to Shatter the Lies that hold us captive and stop us from receiving the fullness of God's Kingdom promises.

All of us are held captive to lies of one sort or another.

The place of our captivity is our natural Mind, our Thoughts, our Emotions, in short , OUR FLESHLY SELVES.

It takes courage and fortitude (strength of mind) to face a Lie that you have taken as Truth and allow yourself to be WRONG. We do not like to admit and acknowledge our shortfalls. In fact it is a humbling experience. But be of good cheer! God exults the humble!

If on the other hand we hold fast to the Lie and refuse to accept the revealing of the truth, we've put ourselves in a place of pride. Which is exactly where Lucifer was when he was expelled from Heaven. Not to be recommended.

When lies are shattered  "every evil work", the "Not of God" is revealed. All the working of the flesh makes for the elevation of self and the working of evil . Whoever needs to feel better, bigger, more, than his neighbour, ultimately lives in a place of sin before God. The evil from within is the desire to be Greater than all others. When we seek that place then we are held captive to the Lies. That goal is a vicious never ending circle because there is always someone higher, better, bigger. You can Never Win

When truth is revealed and understood there is a "ohhhh" moment. The mist clears and the image of the truth is revealed. It may take some adjustments of mind, thoughts and emotions but the adjustments bring peace.  God is the author of peace, not confusion, always. Jesus sets the captives free, he walks us out of the prison and slams the door behind us.

We need to face the Shattering of Lies within ourselves.

We need to face the Shattering of Lies within the church

There are many Lies cultivated within the churches that are holding us captive and stopping us from receiving the freedom wherewith Christ has set us free. The ability to live in the fullness of life comes from Jesus; no one and nothing else.

Too many "churches" are about controlling and regulating the lives of believers to conform to their image of the "Perfect Christian" .

The Only Image we are to conform to is the image of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of the Father.

All the rest of us, are Sons by Adoption, equals before the Father's love


Feb 14 2017

 James 3: 16

Read Galatians 5 ;19-26 in the Message Bible. I love it! such earthy straight forward advice about what is and is not everyday godly living; shattering the lies

Message  Romans 8: 29-30 God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the outset to shape the lives who love him along the same lines as his Son...... We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in him