Letters From God


Julie Andrews


My Lost Sheep (1)

12 April 2017

I yearn for them to return to the fold of My love and care. They are scattered amongst the wilderness, sent fleeing by the false shepherds, the unkind, self righteous, self seeking fat sheep. They have been left on the wayside, robbed and wounded by the forces of evil, the enemy who has taken their riches for himself. Remember he is the robber and the thief, who only comes for destruction.

But the fat sheep have trampled and ground these poor ones into the ground and completed the enemy's work for him. Wow, wow, wow to the shepherds and the fat sheep who behave in such manner. Do you imagine for a moment that I don't see into your hearts and minds, and see the imaginations, the magnifying of your own importance. Do you think that I rejoice as I see the poor, halt and lame scattered before you. Why do you exalt yourselves at the expense of others? What has happened to My love? How can you be My people if your love is cold and heartless?

Look to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, when did I ever turn away from anyone who came to me? My mandate from My Father was to show the world His love, His heart, His mercy. Did I ever not do this? And if I did, so should you.

Love is kind, gentle merciful, easy to be entreated, approachable. Love does not roar at the beloved, it only roars at the enemy: the destroyer. Even in My anger at My people's Israel's disobedience I still showed compassion for the faithful, the remnant who were still faithful. And even on the faithless when my anger was spent I would repent of their punishment and turn My face again to My people to restore them.

My desire is to bless and give good gifts always, so I long for My scattered sheep to return to Me. I rejoice to see the prodigal son, but so often the faithful son is angered and instead of welcoming the returned, is jealous of the attention.

The cry of the Father's heart is to call back the lost believers, the hurt, the shamed and backslidden ones. Do not despise them. Yes their coat's are full of burrs, they are weak and thin spiritually but in many My love still flows strongly and just needs love and nurture to strengthen them.

This is the job of the strong sheep - to shelter and care for the weak, to encourage and nurture and provide a place of safety for them to build their strength again. Acceptance and restoration without harsh judgment.

Only by the fruit of the Spirit can the lost be found and redeemed again to receive the Father's love. Bring them into the fold to receive the Father's love again. For each returned sheep is a soul less in hell - both now and forever.


John 10; 1-18 The Good Sheperd . My sheep hear my voice. I am the gate to the pen. The hiring  is not the true shepherd. I lay down my life for the sheep. One flock, one Shepherd

Ezekiel 34 Scattering of the sheep. Wow to the shepherds who feed themselves and neglect the flock . Judgment by God within the flock. But "You are my dear flock, my human flock And I am your God"