Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Arise, Shine for your Light has Come

 And the glory of the Lord is upon you. Behold the darkness shall cover all the earth but upon you shall be the light and love of God shinning.

Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on earth. If you dwell in the places of the most high God you will be safe and great joy will be upon you. You are separated from the darkness and placed in the sheep pen belonging to the Lord.

To think the thoughts of God is freedom and light, to know His mind and have revealed His ways separates you from darkness. Who has the mind of God/Christ?  You have my spirit, who reveals in your spirit what is light and life.

Hear Him and follow obey. Do the works of the Spirit and live in the Light - Arise, Shine - be set apart and holy to your God.

The works of the world are manifest in darkness, the works of the Holy Spirit are manifest in Light. The works of man glorify man/idols of man's thinking: the works of the Holy Spirit glorify Jesus and God. Each day you chose and bring forth one or the other.

As you begin to show and reflect the Glory of God in your life because you dwell in heavenly places with Him - the Light glows from within and the darkness is repealed. Darkness can not comprehend the Light and it is repelled by it.

Light will expose unbelief and unrighteousness and it will bring hardness of heart to the surface and turn that face away from God. This is as the children of Israel did to Moses. They needed him to put a veil on his face because their hearts and minds were not able to receive and dwell in God's light shinning from his face.

A whole new day is dawning that is far brighter and more glorious than ever before because the darkness is thicker than ever before. Everything is greater than ever before, more black and white, more in and out, no half pie measures. If you are not For then you are Against - by default.

No more swaying between belief and unbelief - there will be no room.

Most dwell on the boundaries of Light to avoid the thick darkness. No room for unbelief and unrighteousness - That is Death. There will be a spiritual deliniation between Light And Dark - an In or Out, Glory or Non as never before.

The Bride will stand in my reflected Glory and be seen as such. She will stand under the Light of heaven surrounded by Glory, within the veil, the portal of Love. The brightness of her shinning will draw men to Me. She lifts Me up and I draw men to Me. She stands in the fullness of Love and reveals Truth.

No 1/2 measures.


October 2016  Jewish New Year

Isaiah 60:1,2 "Arise, shine, for your light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold the darkness shall cover the earth and thick darkness the people, but the LORD shall arise upon you and his glory shall be seen upon you.