Letters From God


Julie Andrews



Light/Dark  Black/White  In/Out  Truth/Lies

There is no cross over, no mixture in the Spirit realm. Between the two parts there is an impenetrable schism. There is no contact between the two parts. Only Jesus may cross between and those to whom he choses to reveal Truth.

In our "realm" world everything is a mixture, light and dark, black and white, In and Out, Truth and Lies. It is the realm of the knowledge of Good and Evil - the Tree that was set in the Eden , which man (Adam) could see but was not to "eat of".

Choices God allows us choices. We are not creatures/beings who are denied permission as the creation is. The nature of creation must reflex God's choices, it doesn't have a choice. Each part is made to "be" and behave as God intended, it can not change to "be" something else. * see sidebar

WE- Mankind - stand removed from that. WE have choices. WE choice the way we live, what we believe, what we reveal/manifest.

That's why the lord God has always given us and placed us in positions of allowing choices - from the Eden garden until the moment of Jesus' return. WE, of all God's creation are given/allowed freedom of choice. And the enemy knows this.

He knew, even if Adam and Eve didn't, that God would not force their (and Ours) adherence to His commandments. "You may eat of all the trees (of the Garden) but not this one". He also knew that if he directly challenged God's words Adam and Eve would not listen. So he had to be very subtle/devious about how to subvert them.

Because this was his game plan - to undermine their confidence in God's word. To put a worm of doubt, introduce a feeling of insecurity about God's intensions. To suggest an alternative to the meaning of God's instructions - that the Tree might give them something good and desirable that God had withheld. That God wasn't really wanting the best for them and there was something Better available - in the "forbidden" tree. And Adam and Eve were persuaded, they "caught the bate". They swallowed the deception that God was withholding "knowledge" from them.

Because the truth was that Yes there was Knowledge that God was keeping from Adam and Eve. But it was knowledge that would rob and take them from their privileged existence in the Garden. It wasn't knowledge that would enhance their lives (it was the best life ever gets, Paradise!) but it was knowledge that would reduce their lives.

The moment they eat from the "forbidden" tree they Did receive knowledge and wisdom but it reduced them, so they suddenly knew they were naked/ exposed. Suddenly they were hiding from the Lord when he came to walk with them in the evening.

 They become conscious of 'sin' that they had made a choice and behaved  "outside" the boundaries God had set them. Not to restrict them (as had been suggested) but to protect them. Yes they received knowledge they didn't have before but it wasn't Good - it was Bad. And the consequences were Worse.

They were expelled from their home, into the surrounding country. Out of the beautiful place and into the wilderness surrounding it. They had probably been aware that outside the garden there was a place of existence, but when you are in the very best of places why would you Want to go outside? There wasn't anything attractive enough to desire. But now they had "no choice". They were expelled from their idyllic existence, to live with and receive the consequences of their choice of deception.

And it was not nearly as good. In fact it was hardship. The knowledge they had received had robbed them of Paradise, it had not given them More (as promised) it had taken what they had.

They were fallen from Grace.

And this was satan's game plan all along. To rob Adam and Eve of the wonderful life they had and reduce them to servitude. There was no benefit in the knowledge they received; they were worse off.

Their choice left them bereft, not increased

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Genesis 1: 20-25 God created the creatures in the seas and on the land, all "according to its kind"  (My Comment: It would seem that God is saying that a snapper{fish} can't decide to be a ant, and the ant can't wake up one day and image that it wants to be a tiger. THAT would be scary!)

Genesis 3 The fall of man

Deut 11:26 -27 See I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse - the blessing if you obey the cammandment of the Lord your God.... the curse if you disobey the cammands of the Lord your God....