Letters From God


Julie Andrews


The Woman at the Well

Jesus went to Samaria and the woman gave Him a drink as he sat by  the well. He spoke the beautiful word we all know " They that worship God must worship in spirit and in truth". He shared this with the woman as he had been told by the Holy Spirit. 

But he also got a second revelation while he was sitting there and talking to her. He had sent both the disciples and the women away, one lot for food and the woman to see what she would do. When the disciples returned they encouraged him to eat. But he said "I have food to eat that you know nothing about"  They thought someone had given him food but Jesus clarified it by saying "My food, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work"

Jesus was excited that God was sharing with Him that His(Jesus') joy of sharing the gospel with the woman was His "food". He had found a person (the woman) who believed and was acting upon the Father's truth He had shared, (word of knowledge). This was His (Jesus') "food". He then went on to say that the "harvest was ripe now" and the sower and the reaper work together for the harvest. He saw that God had prepared the women's heart for the word and that He, God and Holy Spirit were working together for the harvest.

The women came back with other Samarians from the town who believed her testimony of Jesus. In all Jesus stayed 2 days there teaching and preaching (it doesn't record if He healed anyone) but they received His words as from God, believing for themselves (v42). This was a true harvest of believers, such as Jesus rarely seen in Judea itself. The "outcaste" Samarians Believed and He was able to share the gospel. This was in marked contrast to the Jews - they wanted the healings and the miracles - but even then they didn't necessarily Believe.

Jesus was God in a man but this story reveals that he didn't "know" everything. He received "knowledge" from the Holy Spirit that "the harvest was ripe". He needed to stay here and share the gospel with these people - that they would receive and believe the gospel. This was the spiritual "food" that sustained Jesus. It wasn't physical food but His Father's spiritual revelation and sustenance.

I believe Jesus didn't actually know the fullness of what God has planned when he spoke to the women until he was actually "doing" it. He spoke to her in obedience to Holy Spirit's prompting. She was 1/ a woman and 2/ a Samarian, a "persona non grata" to the Jews - as she herself identified. (vs7)  So speaking to her was unusual, and as He spoke to her the fullness of the exchange was revealed to Him and He got excited about it.

As so often was the case, Jesus was on God's level of understanding and His disciples were totally lost as to His meaning. (Has he already eaten?) Jesus was "fed" by the Spiritual food that He received from God. This sustained His ministry. He would often slip away to pray. He needed the "manna from heaven", His Father's food, to live, to sustain His spirit and help Him fulfill His mission on earth.

This is why He saw thing differently from everyone else around Him. He was living in the Spirit - listening to and following God's inner instructions via the Holy Spirit. No one else at that time had ever lived like this - Jesus was the first, the beginning of a new way. And the poor disciples were so often left behind, wondering what was happening.

This is the Way that we, as spirit filled believers are meant to live. Sustained by God's will; lead by God's Holy Spirit; doing as He shows us. Jesus wasn't a "know it all". He needed to rely on His Father's understanding and revelation by Holy Spirit within Him, He was learning as He "walked by faith" as we do.  He lived by faith day by day as we do. He is the perfect example for us to follow because He never stumbled.

The woman at the well story is a wonderful example of Jesus living by faith in God, to be lead and to do the works of His Father. And He Did. He followed the Holy Spirit's guidance in an amazing series of events that glorified God. The Samarian heard the gospel and believed. In the face of the Jews incredible hard heartedness towards Jesus this was a wonderful gift that God gave His Son to help sustain and uplift Him and give Him hope that His labour was not in vain. That the Gentles would believe even if the Jews didn't.

Imagine Jesus' love and worship of God in thanking His Father for such a gift. Truly GOD (only) IS GOOD!

John 4: 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

John 4 3-42 The woman of the well and the Samarian's story