Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Wilderness Confession

I confess my unbelief and hardness of heart before You Lord and I bring them to Your Cross - to the place where you become my Lamb of Sacrifice. You became my all and everything that is not "of God"

 That is where they belong - on the cross where they are cursed and by Your blood, that was freely and lovingly poured out in fullness, they are washed white as snow. They are removed and forgiven, they are become null and void. The sourness of their stains are gone/removed, wiped away by the sweetness of Your perfect and Acceptable Offering of Love towards me and towards God.

You are the link between us - the mediator - in Your blood sacrifice. You have become the connecting point between a Holy God and a fallen one. So that the fallen is able to rise up to be in an acceptable place. To be able to stand in the presence of God through the blood covering and anointing of Your sacrifice (the Passover Lamb).

You are worthy, worthy of all honour and praise throughout all time and space. Never could there be a more perfect and holy and acceptable offering made to God on our behalf. It is sufficient for All time.

Glory to Your Saviour, Redeemer.

 Your life has set us free, once and for all time.

You are my sweetness, my honey in the Rock, the Joy of my Salvation.


Nov 17