Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Wilderness Cry

Oh Lord my God where are You? I cry out for You. I lift up my voice to You. I will praise You because You are my Lord, my Saviour but You are far from me.

Where else will I turn? I must seek You no matter what is against me. You have the Words of eternity and life. You are my peace and joy, my strong right arm, my Rock and my fortress. In you will I trust.

You are health to my bones and life to my spirit. I need You to live, else I die and I do not want to die the death. If I go down into the pit I can not praise You and honour You Lord. And I desire to love You with all my heart, soul and strength.

You are my life, my everything, my all. Your Kingdom is without end and all who dwell there rejoice in Your beauty and are surrounded by your love. Their cups run over with good things, blessings. They are satisfied in thier very being with the wonders and goodness of their God.

You are my God in all Your wonderous and eternal goodness, love and mercy towards us/me. Surely I will Praise and Glorify my King, my Saviour and my God. I exult on high the name of Jesus, Jeshua, Christ, Living God. You are full of love and loving kindness towards me. My heart is lifted up to You.

In the midst of affliction I Praise and Honour You because You are unchanging and steady - the Rock of my Salvation, a mighty tower. Unchanged and unmoved by the storms of turmoil in me. I cling to You my Lord in the middle of this storm in me.

You are my place of rest and peace and I will trust You in the midst of this. I must and I will, there is no other place I want to be except in You. I will abide in You and Rejoice in You. Be my place of calm, restore and renew my spirit to the holy place where You are, where You dwell.

You are my Horn of Salvation - I can not live except in You. I seek Your face, only You. You are my rock, let me draw near again to You. I need You.

Lord what does all this mean?    And what am I to do about it?

I am afraid of losing everything that You are to me. I can not allow that to happen because You are my All, my potion for ever. If I lose You, there is nowhere for me to go, I would cease. Please do not leave me. I fear Your absence. How can I live without You. I seek Your face, Your joy, Your life in me. Without You there is no life.

I seek You in my darkness, I need Your light and love like never before.


November 17