Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Wilderness Reflections 4

When our world is rocking and shaking to its very foundations - where is the place of calm and refuge? Where do you put your faith and trust. It is somewhere...

The true place of unmoving and unshakeable faith is in Me, the Lord Your God - because I do not change. Even when all around you is chaos, shaking,quaking - I AM unchanging, solid, faithful to My nature. So put your trust and your faith in Me. Continually seek Me, turn to Me, be reliant on Me. I AM steadfast and secure, a Rock of Stability in changing and chaotic circumstances.

My place of calm and peace is in You - to abide in You. My responsibility Holy Spirit is to seek and trust You and believe in that place of safety in You - regardless of my thoughts, feelings and emotions because You change not.

Help me find that place and not let go - to remain there no matter what. I am sick of the turmoil and shaking within me. I don't want it, it is wearisome. I want Your place of peace again. I lost it, let it go, was robbed of it. May I find it again?

Your face, who You are, is a treasure of great price and I need it/You. Grant me Your peace, Your assurance within my being. I need You like Never before to stop the drowning.


Oct 17