Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Rifle Target Shooting

Aim at the target, be accurate. Learn to discern the exact target so that the spotlight is on the center of an issue, the center issue. Then you are able to identify the real target, the main point and accurately speak to that issue. Identify the Target. and isolate the main causes of a matter, to aim the rifle of your faith and belief and "shoot it". Then the aim and the answer to your prayers will be swift and accurate. Ask and find the main focal point to "speak to it"

Civil disobedience is a major issue to come. People feel entitled to make their disagreements heard and felt in a negative way and with a negative impact on others. Riots and disruptive behavour because of disagreement of opinions and beliefs of others - eg the riots in US universities because of Trump's campaign. Expect more of such behaviour. More unruliness and less concern to seek a middle ground. Polarizations of opinions and ideas and less agreement and tolerance.

Be a voice of calm and peace, of moderation. Of finding neutral ground. A peacemaker - seeking conciliation in the matters of men. Only in matters and issues of God be firm and immovable, seeking truth and righteousness.

The target for matters of men, rendering to Caesar what is Caesars's neutral ground. Seek peaceful relationships with your neighbours, give ground if necessary, be tolerant and conciliatory in matters of men. Render to God what is His - with joy and thanksgiving. Be a cheerful giver and He will increase the giving, bringing a blessing and increase. Probably not in the way you expect but an increase nevertheless.

Peace is a heart matter, a godly response and granted from on high. Seek to find it in all your ways. Let that be your target - peace with Your heavenly Father, a place of rest. To cease from your own works and issues. The wicked find no rest, they have no peace with God - they are in constant motion and turmoil, strife because their actions, thoughts and understanding are outside the Kingdom. But the righteous who seek God's will and way find rest in the midst of turmoil.

They aim at the target which is peace and favour in the midst of life. Jesus lived in that place. In the midst of great opposition, from the ones who should have received Him, He found the accurate and price words of God and lived it. He didn't rant and rave against his enemies but He did speak a strong and accurate truth.

He was calm and precise. Aiming His "rifle" at the central issue of unbelief - those who did not rightly divide the Word of God, but used it to justify and condone their prejudice. Jesus spoke to the central issue - their unbelief in God and their pride in their own understanding, the religiousness of their lives, the (self) justification of their actions. The flesh loves to justify itself, but the Spirit will judge according to the truth of God's words.

Therefore seek His ways and understanding and be prepared to change and modify your beliefs and behaviour if they fall short of the target.

Aim the rifle at the central target and to "shoot" accurately. It is not a shotgun approach. Spraying bullets in the general direction and hoping to hit something but a precise accurate lining up of the issues. Then the target is met and the issue is dealt with and destroyed. Line up and shoot at the target every time and see answers come quickly.

Amen Thank you Lord


I was woken at 3.03am in the morning. The immediate thought I had was "Rifle", a 303. One of the very important rules of firearms is "Identify Your Target" Many people are shot because the shooter did not accurately identify the target and shot a man instead of an animal.