Letters From God


Julie Andrews


"When the Ox is in the stable, there is mess!"

The stable is only beautiful clean and tidy when the ox is absent. A pristine house is not a possible if it is being lived in. Living creates Mess!!

We, as God's People, will create mess if we are truly living in God's House. Because we are not yet "perfect" as He is/was. We are a living testimony to God's grace and love - we will mess up!

We are a work in progress, a progress of being transform, from changed from a clay pot to a golden vessel. Any process of change produces waste and unwanted items/materials, it is a messy process. The unwanted items/materials need to be got rid of.

No one escapes this process. If God is in your life and you are living for Him, He will be working a transformation within you. It is the greatest miracle of all.

The Holy Spirit will convict you of sin - not condemn you. Convict you. Reveal and show you where you are "messing up". Not to tell you off but to encourage you to change your ways, thinking or behavior.


So He can bless us.  So we can Be blessed. So we can be set free from our limitations, our prison, our bondages. Jesus lived in the midst of God's will for Him. He was free to follow God completely and without/outside the boundaries set by men, but Within in the boundaries set by God.

Jesus "sets the captives free" - meaning all of us. We are all the prisoner's of our own ways, thinking and behavour. Holy Spirit helps to set us free by working the transformation within us.

When convicted of sin or unbelief, we need to repent - to turn away from that revealed "item". To cast it aside. He helps us transform, changing us from within. Sometimes the process is very quick, sudden. Sometimes the process is slow. But always it is done with the greatest care and love.

The truth is we all mess up!

But it is not a problem if we allow God to clean up after us and we yield to His transformation. It is the process of living.

The problem is if we resist Him and harden our hearts to His conviction and do not repent. That is the process of death.

And the stable will be clean and tidy because the ox is absent/dead.