Letters From God


Julie Andrews


"When the Ox is in the stable, there is mess!" 2

Likewise in the church or the Body of Christ. If the church/body is alive with the power of God and revival is happening- there will be Mess!

It won't to be a perfect church with people living perfect lives. It will be a lively vibrant alive fellowship with messiness happening.

Look at the letters that Paul the Apostle wrote - all sorts of goings on! - positive and negative. But we also know that the power of God was manifest - signs, wonders, and mysteries, all sorts of wonderful things happening.

Living beings bring mess - and the body/church of Christ is no exception. The issue is not the mess but how we react to it. Do we ignore it? rant at it? or let God clean it up and carry on?

The bible does gives us the blueprint of how to deal with the messes that people make. In the coming revival the maturity and the wisdom of our response to the messes will determinate effectiveness of that revival.

Praise God that we are the body of Christ have "grown up" enough to respond as God would have us do and not according to our thoughts and ideas. That we will be Like Him and show grace and mercy to those who mess up the stable!