Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Light in the Dark

Be receivers of My glory, to shine a light in the world. It is a dark place and you are the light of it. Love is kindness and meekly gentle, not in your face or militant. it is unexpected and as such stands out from the ordinary everyday negativity of life.

Do not underestimate the impact of the little kindnesses you show others. In the minds of the darkened world they stand out as shinning lights. They are as a ripple on the water that flows out from the deed. In the assessment of all things, the judgment such actions will be remembered and counted for you.

Likewise in assessment, all those actions/thoughts that are negative will be remembered and counted against you. the difference is Repentance. The placing of the of actions and thoughts at the Cross. The place where I become sin for you; set you free from the hold and bondage of the darkness in this world.

All in your life that is not "of Me" or "of love" is darkness within you. This is why a contrite and humble heart is such a prize to Me. Because it is a teachable heart. In your heart, mind , soul and spirit there is a softness towards Me and My ways. A desire to hear and obey, to see and obey. With this heart I can work the transformation from clay to gold. Guard it carefully, for the enemy comes to rob and destroy, to spread chaos and strife.  So all actions that come from thoughts generated from that source are darkness.

Do not do the works of the enemy for him - separate yourself from the darkness and the sin that so easily comes against you. It is subtle and sly but easy to see of you are alert to it. 'Guard your hearts, mind and soul by dwelling upon the goodness and riches of the Kingdom. Rejoicing and Praising God in All things - even the negative that comes against you. Because if I AM Lord of All things, then I AM Lord over the negative as well as the positive.

Place your situations at My feet, in My hands and in My care. If love conquers all the Everything can be subject to Love.  And the kindness, patience and tender heartedness of Jeshua can be made known to you. IN EVERYTHING!

This is the Light that shines in a dark world - the Light of Love, the giving of forgiveness and mercy for a fallen world.

I did not come to judge the world but to save. I do not judge on the outward appearance but by the heart, the inner man. If there is darkness within, I see it and if you love Me I can reveal it to you to repent and allow Holy Spirit to transform you from the inside out. No condemnation. If you let Him work within you - Repent and Transform.

I do not judge you - your response will judge you. How you respond judges you. Is your heart soft and pliable or do you harden it and become set. Do you break yourself on the rock or are you broken by it?

Your chose is your Judgment.


Song: This little Light of Mine I'm going to let it shine, This little Light of Mine I'm going to let it shine This little Light of Mine I'm going to let it shine Let it Shine, let it Shine, let it Shine!