Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Love: GOD is LOVE

  Love is kind  Love is patient  Love is not selfish  Love is generous  Love conquers all  Love is pure, not tainted or spoiled 

Love is pleased and happy in what is right  Love does no wrong to another  Love is forever, inspite of the circumstances, not because of them. It is glorious, a shinning light, a place of safety in a darkened world. Love can be relied upon  Its colour is white 

It is strong, united with truth  Love does not fail  It does not get tired and lie down to sleep  It is everlasting Love does not run away like a dog with its tail between its legs  It remains in the face of anger and strife 

Love does not insist that it is right  It is not arrogant demanding its own way, subjecting all around it to its own will.  Love is forceful but not "in your face" It is not jealous or anxious  It allows itself to be opposed, yielding to refusal of acknowledgement but never changing what it is  It does not rant or rave insisting on its own way  It is gentle and strong

It is not willful  Love does not dictate its terms to others but waits for agreement  It is never evil  It does not seek to confuse, to belittle or ridicule those who oppose it 

Love is not a pushover or weak  If it is ignored it remains silent, gently insistent  It rarely raises its voice but if it does, it thunders its truth from the heavens and no one can ignore it

It will appease itself in righteousness, it will be zealous for goodness it will avenge itself in the face of evil. Then it will insist on its own way - to protect the weak, the poor and the lowly. it has a long memory but does not keep score of past wrongs. It can be entreated  It is approachable 

Love is reasonable  Love desires the best outcome from any situation  Love rejoices with those that are happy and weeps with those that are sad.  It is understanding  It is not self pitying  Love is not indulgent or condescending

 Love is strong - able to stand intact, undamaged against the attacks made on it  Love never grows weary of doing what is right and true  Love is Light; there is no darkness in it  Love is at the center of all things

 Love is a Person and a Personality  Love is not an inanimate object, emotion or thought.  Love has a Name and His Name is The Living God, The Great and Mighty Holy One

 Love lives at peace with its neighbours but rises up to destroy those living in darkness, who enjoy the works of darkness. It does not condemn anyone who truly desires to alter who and what they are for good.  But it does not tolerate evil

Love practices what it preaches  It is not hypocritical  Love says what it believes and acts upon it  Love does not lie, or seek to mislead or misdirect  It does not hide its intention or purpose

Love is genuine, full of integrity, able to be relied upon



1 Cor 13