Letters From God


Julie Andrews



I was waken to the sound of the Spirit saying "There is a shift in the atmosphere and I need you to write it down and publish it today"

There is a shift in the atmosphere today. It will be Suddenly and unexpected. But it is positive and helpful, encouraging for My believers. Remember the time and the day. All will be revealed and explained. DO NOT BE AFRAID!

She won't lie down. She can not let go of the opportunity to once again be at the forefront of the USA leadership. There is an insatiable desire for power within her. Hilary Clinton is once more beginning to try to regain her lost power structure.

The people of USA need to prayer to Stop this from happening. This is a Jezebel spirit that tries to seize power and remain there no matter what. Just as Jezebel remained in a position of authority after Ahab died, she ruled through her son, the next King, so too Hilary Clinton seeks to rule again. She does not accept the mandate of the people who chose Not to vote for her and placed another on the power seat.

There is a fight in the Heavenlies about the power struggle happening in the USA. It is darkness that would and is trying it's best to undermined and discredit the current President. It is unprecedented in the country's history that a President has been so opposed from within the country.

American States Stand Fast if you wish to remain the Land of the Free. Your very freedom, that you take for granted, is being attacked and undermined from within. There are those who seek their own agendas and who will over ride the majority for their own ends. Do you value your freedom? Then you must fight for it or that which you take for granted will be removed.

The darkness that has been rising steadily, creeping in without any real perception by the majority of people, is pushing the boundaries and about to over flow the banks. Pray to hold it back, to shore up the banks.

Do not take for granted the continued grace of the Lord's favour. This country has sore tested Me and I AM about to impose Judgment Suddenly and Unexpectedly.

Watch for the event today that is a taste of the future unless you repent and cry out for the Lord's favour  to continue. I love Manasseh but Manasseh is far removed from Me in many many ways. Only a remnant remains who truly seek Me and My agenda.

Do not assume that that which has gone before will always be. There is change coming Suddenly and it is not what you imagine or think. Press in to Me to stop the impact of this being negative for your nation.

Pray and Fast for the Lord to continue His favour towards you.


Monday: 9/7/18 or 7/9/18