Letters From God


Julie Andrews


"All that glitters is not gold"

Twisted, unholy and are the ones who have rejected the Holy One of God. The unyeilded, those who stand in the midst of their own perceptions and understanding. The yielded, who refuse in their hearts the correction and chastisement of the Lord GOD of Lights. They stand in the unfathomable depths of their own thoughts, ideas, placing them higher than the truth of the Living God.

Those I have given over to their own ignorance, that seeing and hearing truth they do not perceive it. They drown in the seas of their ignorance and unyeildedness. their hearts are proud and hard and broke as a pot of clay before Me. "And all their king's forces can not put them together again".

Their souls are shattered and scattered to the four winds - gone forever from before Me. These are the four winds of destruction being withheld from the world by My angels but soon to be released to blow their devastation upon the world. When they come, cling to the Rock of your Salvation - hold fast to the Anchor of your soul, to the Spirit of the Lord God given to you.

He will anchor your feet upon the solid foundation of Love, the immovable Rock beneath your feet. All else will be torn and scattered, shattered. Because the force of those winds are comparable to an hurricane, a tornado - irresistible to those not standing on the Rock.

It is both literal and figurative - a wind of destruction such as never before seen but if your feet are cemented to the Rock you take the Rock wherever you are blown. You are cleaved to it, so no matter how you are blown you are still standing on the Rock!. Be deeply rooted in the Word of God, unmovable, set in belief and yielded to His Truth, unmoved by lies and deceits of untruth, no matter what form it presents itself.

It will pose as truth, as light, as a lamp. It will seem reasonable, believable; it will appeal to the flesh, the natural thinking of man. It will be very appealing to mankind - seemingly logical and reasonable. It will seem to glow and sparkle and to have an aura of legitimacy about it. But beware! It is false gold and its glitter is a sham. Real gold appears dull beside it, heavy, not immediately appealing or pleasing to the eye of your understanding.

Test the glitter, the appeal against the Truth of My Words - only they have Life. To the flesh they are dull and heavy but to the Spirit they are life and health to your spirit. Beware and be wary of the artifical glitter and appeal of the ungodly "gold". It is worthless, it has no Kingdom value. Do not invest in it. It is false, without value in Tomorrow's world.

I Am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The currency of Truth never alters - it does not inflate or deflate. It's value is intact forever in the Kingdom. This is the real gold - the same "dull" unchanging Way and the path of heaven and to heaven are paved with it.*

Living Gold. On earth it is dull but in heaven it Glows! He who has ears and eyes to See it - WILL!     Amen

*The Yellow Brick Road