Letters From God


Julie Andrews


The Joy of the Lord

is a strong and mighty tower. A protection for your soul. It overcomes the enemy. Confidence and trust and assurance that  no matter what, all will be good and blessed.

If you are quietly confident and quietly trusting that Jeshua is with you then even the worst that comes against you is beneath your feet. Peace in the face of the enemies attack confounds and confuses him.

If you do not panic and spin he loses control of your emotions and inner man. If you guard your inner place of peace and confidence in Me, rejoicing that I AM with you no matter what, he flees because the attack to put you into flight has failed. The attack has not altered your joy/peace. You are immune to his virus.

Remain in that place, fight to keep that peace, refuse to be moved. Be strong and of good courage, remain in the Tower of the Lord's name - His joy, His strength, His place of safety. Do not be moved or forced to flee.

The Name of the Lord is a strong and mighty Tower that the righteous run to in a time of turmoil and do not move from. Amen

As you sing and rejoice, as you worship and praise, Life is released, Life in Me is generated. Light is shone into darkness.

You are surrounded by My presence, focusing on Me, not the attacks. Rejoice to know that you are a target worthy of the enemies attention! He doesn't bother with the ones under his control; he already has them under thumb.

This is what he seeks, to control and manipulate your thought and emotions, your fleshly parts - to separate you from Me, to cut you off from your tower of strength, your confidence and trust.

But if you can rejoice and praise and worship your King in the midst of the persecution and opposition then the point of the attack has failed. You are not fearful or out of control, spinning. You have drawn upon the strength and certainty of your Godly armour and have withstood the attack.

Well done ! You are learning and growing in kingdom understanding. : )


The Name of the Lord is a strong and mighty tower. The name of the Lord is a refuge for my soul. The name of the Lord is a pillar I can lean on . The righteous run into the name of the Lord, the righteous run into to the Name of the Lord.