Letters From God


Julie Andrews



 All the joy of within the world rises as a sweet savor to Me and it is collected as incense in the vials of the Lord. The angels collect the vials and they are brought before the Throne of God to be blessed.

Your joy is your strength - rejoicing becomes a way of life, a state of being, a shield of faith. As you rejoice the thickness and the strength of the shield increases - it grows because it is living.

Everything in the Kingdom is alive, can change and grow - it is not dead but alive. As you exercise your belief in Me, your armour changes and strengths, changing from glory to glory, growing stronger, firmer and more assured, increasing in understanding and wisdom, endurance and persistence. You are morphed/changed into the fullness of who are you are in Me.

It is a chrysalis stage of the butterfly. The caterpillar is the first stage - eating its way through life on earth, of the flesh and consumed with the world and earthly things. Then you are born again into the chrysalis stage and wound with the wrapping of the Holy Spirit. You are transformed into your heavenly being - the fullness of the butterfly, breathlessly beautiful.

The fullness of the transformation comes at the moment of My return or your entry at death of the fleshly body into the Kingdom. Then the fullness of your transformed self will burst forth. The trials and tribulations of this life are the teaching ground, the growing, changing, transforming, turning over on this earth.

Your desire to change and grow and transform into a new creation dictates the rate and the strength of the transformation. All your experiences, everything of your life can and is used as a means of transformation. The way you respond to the circumstances of your life, the choices you make, how you respond to each and every situation works the change within you.

All work together for good if you chose to belief. As you place each and every situation of your life, as you yield and submit to My will, even that which opposes you works to your benefit.

 It is only when you resist or harden your heart to or refuse to submit that the process of transformation is arrested/ceases. It is your response that dictates the process of change. As you repent, as you submit and yield to the will of God in your circumstances ad allow Him to work within you, then the Truth transforms the situation you find yourself in, to alter it for your good. To work a change for your benefit.

As you rejoice in the Way, the Truth and the Life, no matter what, in spite of what you are facing, your faith alters the very essence of the situation/circumstances and the solution that is heavenly is revealed. The Will of God is manifest

The gas didn't exploded because you in a place where it couldn't - delighting yourself in Me.

If I AM in control and you are submitted then you enable/allow/give permission to Me to be in charge of all the circumstances of your life. I AM able to use all things for your good. Even the attacks of the enemy are turned for a testimony of transformation.

The metamorphis within the chrysalis is hidden in your soul and spirit. It is reflected on the outside by your choices of behaviour - which reflex the inner man.

There is no law against Love - it is above all. And all things work for Love, no matter what if you believe, have faith and confidence in your God who Is Love. Nothing else can stand before Love/God. Everything is subject to it -even what appears to oppose it.  The end of the matter is always for good if you align yourself with Love/God.

You can not fail in that alignment, in that place - it is Rest because you have ceased from your own works and are doing the works of the Father - as I did during My time on earth. That is why there was peace even in the face of the greatest tribulation of Gethsemane.

As I submitted to My Father's will in the face of adversity, I was strengthened and ministered to by angels. So to are you as you submit and yield to My will; you are strengthened and sustained within your very being. Everything works to your benefit, even death. The Father's will was to chastise Me for each and every believer and follower's sake and the whole world.

The believers avail themselves of the conquering of death, the unbelievers do not. Whatever you experience in this life, if you submit to Me and My will, it will always works to your good. It is a law of the Kingdom. Believe it: Live it.

Nothing can separate us. Nothing. Not even the worst most unbelievable negative circumstances if in all things your joy in Me remains. I Am never changing, always for you, always with you even in the darkness of your soul's night.

Have total confidence. There is always Light at the end of the tunnel. Light: Love Light pulsates Always. Your Joy Is Your Strength.