Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Stars in the Sky

The Sign in the Sky - a crescent moon with a star beside it. A sickle moon and Venus.

2 Meanings: the sign of the dragon - the false worship, the symbol of satanic darkness, the ant-christ with all its many faces. It is the symbol of all that opposes Me. Even the communist symbols of the former USSR used the same crescent/sickle and star. Signifying that the communistic manifesto is and was anti-christ.

It held the people captive, it denied them access to the Word of God. It called religion "the opiate of the people" and yet it is itself a religion that kept the people in a state of suspended false haze. It withheld the Truth from them and they were fed a false view of the world. Look how the judgment came - in one stroke the barrier between the false and the outside world came down. The Berlin Wall - the symbol of separation between two philosophies, Communism and Democracy was pulled apart, shattered. The "Iron Curtain" fell. The reign of Communism didn't even last one hundred years (1919-1991)

But men, desiring darkness to hide their evil deeds, are naturally attracted to the anti-christ - the one who opposes the Light of the world: Jesus Jeshua.

But how does one discern, how does one judge? Especially in the days of the latter rain. By the fruits of what it brings forth. What does it manifest? What is the behaviour? the results of the belief? Does it set the people free or does it encapsulate them is crystal - in stone? Does it celebrate the Glory of God - giving all the praise to Him? Or does it seek to venerate itself?.

It calls itself light or enlightened. But what does it light up? Does it seek peace amongst men and their beliefs or peace with God? Who is placed on the throne? The many or the One? What is the nature of the one placed on high? Is it selfless love or love of self? Does it reflect a many headed hydra or a one headed body?

The beast who arises out of the sea - Rev 13: 2-8- is a many headed monster - mixture of animals, a hydra, an amalgamation of all the symbolic enemies of God. The same as Daniel saw - the leopard, the bear and the lion roaring great blasphemies against God.(Dan 7)  It is given permission to make war against God's people. This we have seen in history. As Jesus Jeshua said - they persecuted him and they will persecute you. All in the name of God, the greatest irony of all. They put Jesus to death claiming it was the will of God - that Jesus was the blasphemer. It will be the same today.

The unity claimed by the beast will be the unity of mankind's many and varied beliefs systems against the Word of God - the Truth, the Way, the Life and the only way to Father God. They will claim many ways but the One says only One Way, through Jesus.

The Beast is once again rising out of the sea (of mankind) to speak great things against the Lord God but in the name of God - you Must discern. It is a time of great confusion and strife. That in itself should reveal the author of it!

The sign of the crescent and the star - as seen in the sky. It is in the west. But Jesus rises in the east and shines His Light to the west. The moon is reflected light only - it is not the source of light in the solar system, that is the Sun. The moon is totally dark, unseen without the reflected glory of the sun.

Without God Satan ceases to be - because his light is given by God's permission only. He appears as light but it is an illusion. Within him he is a black hole - emitting darkness only and having a powerful magnetic force to draw man towards and into his darkness. It has the appearance of light but in Truth is darkness - upholding and uplifting everything that is not "of God" 

As promised, all those who align themselves with this darkness will exalt themselves above God and will persecute all those who refuse to bow down and worship the image of the Beast. But just as the Berlin Wall was torn apart so will this world power be judged and destroyed in a twinkling of an eye by the return of the Lord Jesus. In that instance everything changes.

Do not be deceived, many will come in My Name and deceive many. It has happened through-out the last 2000 years but in these days the intensity will increase because the enemy knows his time is short. The forces of darkness, of lies and deceits will rise up as a hydra to seek to destroy the Woman and her child, who is hidden. (Rev 13:1-6)

The sign in the stars - as was the previous sign. The heavens are telling the glory of God - nothing is hidden, all is revealed but you must have the open eyes and the open ears. Beware when they speak peace and safety. They draw near Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. There can be no peace with the rulers of this world; the principalities and powers that reign here now. Their time is short and coming to an end - so they are frantic to extend that time and to deny their ultimate death. They seek to take as many of mankind as possible with them.

Beware of those who speak peace. Only one peace is worth seeking; Peace with God, to seek the Kingdom of the Future under Jesus Jeshua as King. There is peace no where else.


July 17 2108 I saw a shinning crescent moon and a very bright star, just on twilight. It struck me as strange because it stood out with great clarity against the fading sky. It immediately reminded me of the Islamic cresent and star. So I did a Google search and realised that the symbol is actually very old and synonymous with the worship of false gods. Islam is just another user in a long progression of users of it throughout  mankinds search for spirituallity. It signifies the many and veried belief systems of those outside the beliefs system of the Lord God of the bible.