Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Ephraim, United Kingdom, British Commonwealth

Oh how the mighty are fallen! Those who were once great in power and might have become a wilderness and a desolation before Me. You were once great but now are no more. Your candle has been removed from the menorah. You have ceased to shone, gone dull and are now gone out. Only a small portion, a remnant remains. Weep daughters of Israel for your destruction and desolation will be complete before Me.

The creeping darkness has covered the precious land, a slow but steady corruption. A watering down, a dilution of the strength and understanding that once was. Whittled away slowly but surely, precept on precept, line upon line, a dilution of the truth, of justice, of righteousness before Me.

You think that you are strong and have no need of anything, trusting in the riches of your past traditions, living on the imagination and reflections of past glory. But it is old, tarnished, dented and battered, So far removed from the freshness and beauty of its former self as to be totally unrecognisable. What is current has no relationship to what was. It has been changed and transformed into a totally different creation. Dead, Dead, Dead before Me.

So I have given you over to redemption of your heart. Your turning of the back to Me, your hardness of heart and unyielding of soul has rendered you dead. What was once alive and flourishing has become dead and decayed. You have gone from life to death, a statue, hard and unyieldingly brittle. The hammer of unbelief, hardness of heart the pursuit of pleasure, the triumphant of self has hammered and whittled away at you, so that you are a shadow of your former self. Only a remnant remain, a few faithful ones reserved to be safe in a time of destruction.

Did you imagine I didn't see it or care about what has happened. Did you think that because I didn't stop and forbid the falling away that I was asleep? That I didn't care? No No No but I Am not a dictator, a despotic ruler, unrighteous. You are allowed your freedom of choice, you are allowed to follow your own paths and desires. I do not forbid or stop it. Your choices are your own. But know that because you have freedom of choice and are not dictated to the results of your choices are beyond you to stop. You can not stop or prevent the results of your choices. Obedience has always lead to abundance and blessing. Disobedience has always resulted in destruction. It is a Law of the Kingdom and it will happen inspite of everything you might do to try and prevent it.

But because I Am the Lord God and not a man, I have prepared, before time, a way of escape for all those who will listen, who will soften their hearts, who will yield. For you there is hope and deliverance from the destruction to come. I AM the door into the safe place, the way into safety. In a time of calamity and trouble and destruction you may run into My Stronghold of Truth and be safe from the destruction to come.

But like the time of Noah, when the door of the Ark was closed, then the way of escape was closed. Those left faced the judgment; the flooding of the land. They were swept away, while Noah and his family floated above the destruction.

The Way of escape, the way of  Life, The way of salvation out of the destruction to come is Only Through Me - the One True God. It is a way that I have prepared before hand - just like the Ark, just like the Way through the Red Sea - the land bridge. Never would I leave My remnant without a way of redemption and deliverance. But the self serving unbelievers who trust in their own thoughts and ways and understanding will be as Pharaoh's army. They thought they could ride and follow the escapees, only to be destroyed.

When I release the four winds of destruction, the angels who are holding them back, there will be no escape except through Me ad My Stronghold, My Tower and My name. Those who call on Me in faith and trust will be saved. But those who used My name as a profanity, a swear word will be destroyed and gone from the earth forever. None shall survive. The first judgment was water, the second will be fire.

In My Kingdom you are born again by water and by Spirit/fire. You have by choice passed though the two judgments - water and fire- into the promised land. But and just as the Children of Israel had to overcome the giants in the land by faith and trust in Me, so too do you.

Yes you are passed from death to life but you must subdue the enemy in the power of the Lord's might. It was a pattern of how your journey in the Kingdom would be. The enemy does not want to give up it's territory in you and fights to retain it. But though God's power and might and the His weapons of warfare you over come, as the Children Did.

The lessons learnt there are for your edification and comfort. By Blessing Me you are blessed but if you resist Me, you are cursed. So to now, If My Name is on your lips and heart with love and rejoicing your part in the Kingdom is assured,  But if My Name is a cursing/swearing word in your life, so too will you be a curse and swear word to Me. I will Spew you out of My sight; You will not remain.

Repent therefore while you still have time, cross over to the Kingdom now by choice, by desire and by your own free will. Because when My Kingdom comes there will be no choosing - your time of choice will be passed away. A King has the final say, His word is Law - death and destruction to those on the wrong side of judgment but peace and safety to those on the right side.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. What was once a land of God have become a desolation and a barren land, inhabited by strangers and foreigners who chase after other gods. Beware of them, they are not the Living God and death will come suddenly and with total annulation. This world is reserved for Fire. And all that is dead and brittle and lifeless will be burned like tinder. Amen


This letter I received after watching a video of the changes in England due to the influx of Muslim and other religions believers. The former  church building are becoming meeting places of other gods. The numbers of mosques and devotees of Islam has increased dramatically . And the powers of the land welcome them and are allowing the culture of these other regious beliefs to influence the laws of the land in favour of practises that are very different from the past. The talk of London becoming Londonistan is not totally in jest; it is happening.

I also watched the lava flowing from the erupting mountain in Hawaii. It was a slow inevitiable destructive force that no one (mankind)could stop.

The Lord also took me to a book by David Pawson written in 2003 "The Challenge of Islam to Christianity" . It was a prophetic word which Mr (Rev) Pawson hoped would not be "right" but unfortunately 15 years later is right on target. It tied in completely with the video I saw.