Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Stand By Me

I will stand by you when you stand by Me. It is a mutual and share standing. As in a married couple standing side by side so do we - united together. And you are My darling and I Am yours!

It is a marriage. Not of convenience but one of choosing. One that has been arranged by Our Father. We have gone through the betrothal stage/time. And now we are become as One - united together for all time.

When you lay down at My feet (as Ruth ) and you choose Me to cover you (as Ruth did) you chose Me, to pledge yourself to Me (as Ruth did). As Boas did I delight Myself in your choice (you could have chosen another) and I vow to lay My claim before the elders of the land (as Boas did). My life was forfeit for you, I paid the highest price (as Boas did). So legally you are able to become My Bride. It is a legal matter. A binding agreement. And that which God has put together let no man pull apart.

It is Time, It has come. The last days are upon you. You are living in the midst of them. The time of Jacob's trouble is Now. Israel is Forever, Israel is My chosen people - it has never "ceased to be"

I Am a faithful and steadfast spouse who has Never stopped loving and looking after My people. I cause the rain to fall on the unjust as well as the just because I AM the Lord God who changes not. For the sake of My Beloved people  - who now include All those who choose Me. Just as Ruth became a follower of the Jehovah God  of Israel because of her choice. So too anyone and everyone who chooses Me above all others become My adopted Family, My Spiritual Israel.

The Gentiles, the non Israelites, are welcomed into the fold (as Ruth was). And just as she married a faithful and honourable man, so do My non Israel chosen ones become melded into My People.


Ruth's lovely and faithful story is told in her book. She became the ancestor (great grand mother?) of King David and is in the lineage of Jesus Jeshua.