Letters From God


Julie Andrews


MY Bride

Many will stand before Me on the Day of Judgment and receive the shock of their lives - that they are banished from My presence for all time. Their dismay will be complete and it will overtake them like a wolf. The destruction will have crept up on them un-noticed, in silence, unrecognised - hidden from them.

This is because they were not alert, not discerning of the times, not aware that the attack was coming. They go blithely on their way, ignorant that the wolf is stalking them, following them and steadily coming closer. His only desire is to kill - there is no escape except to be aware and alert and perceptive of the threat.

You do not stop walking or keeping steadily moving but you know the time of reckoning is coming. You do not know When but you are ready because you see the wolf and know he is pacing you waiting to attack. So you are not ignorant or complacent. You are Ready, having your wits about you, your weapons posed. Not cowering in fear,not in status, but confident and assured.

A warrior, knowing the attack is coming at some point, ready and primed, able to withstand the attack and overcome it. Quietly confident and assured of victory. Able to withstand the enemy, the wolf who will attack at some point.

This is My Bride, My chosen Ones, My Anointed Ones, the Remnant who are like Ruth, called out from the crowd. My Bride is Radiant and Beautiful, Shinning in Glory, Triumphant. She walks in confidence, assured of her Acceptance. She is not given away, She has chosen to come. She is not reluctant, She is Expectant, Poised.

She is accomplished in her readiness, she has fought adversity to meet the Bridegroom. She has Overcome, in the power of the Lord's might and She is not afraid. She will outshine the gainsayers, she is not what is expected but She is the Chosen One because she desired and chosen Me herself. It is a mutual: an equal desire.

My Bride is so Beautiful and Radiant and I Am coming for Her: for each and every one.