Letters From God


Julie Andrews


 Numbers & Letters

The very ordinary stuff of our world is created and ordered by the Lord. He is intimately involved in every part of it. And His signature is there to be seen if our eyes are open. From the very largest things to the very smallest infinitesimal bits, from astrophysics to quantum physics God is manifest in all. In fact we are starting to realise that its the very very small stuff, the quantum world, as well as the very very Big stuff that are the strangest of all and the implications of these things are mind blowing. In fact in the end it would appear that it all comes down to numbers! We can hardly make sense of it and yet God is in it because He ordered it.

God has always been a God of Numbers. He is fascinated with numbers and He lets us share that fascination with Him. When I first was baptised (as a believer) I discovered the numerical codes in the Bible and it helped convince me of the validity of the bible as the Word of God. It was amazing and exiting to realize the complexity of the numerical perfection of the bible languages: Hebrew, Aromatic and Greek.

They, unlike our language, are numerical as well as alphabetical. These languages combine number and letters together, whereas ours are separate: A-Z and 1-0. In the bible's original languages the blending of the letters and the numbers together reveal the hand of an supremely intelligent Person in astonishing and incredible completeness. Only a Being of superior intellect could have create the perfection of the letters and numbers combined to reveal His purposes that are hidden in the texts.

It is not humanly possible; the statistical probability is too large, too great. It opened my eyes to the awesomeness and the hughness(!) of Creator God - nothing is outside His influence and control. Especially His Word.

Before this point I had been skeptical of a lot of the Bible. I knew quite a bit of the New Testament but not the Old and well some of that was really strange and foreign. But after realising that no human mind could possibly have written it, but only men inspired by the Holy Spirit, I became a believer. How Great is God!

Since writing this I have discovered further evidence that only God could have written the Bible. This is through the work of Jewish scholars, some believers and followers of Jesus and some not, who are fluent in the Hebrew Old Testament language. They have discovered codes within the Torah and some of the Old Testament writings that reveal a hidden or encoded message that confirms the open reading.

This is the study of the Equally Spaced Letters (ESL). When the original letters are counted in sequences of equally spaced letters they are revealed to make words and phrases, sometimes sentences. For example in the passage from Isaiah 52 and 53 (which describes Jesus and His ministry) , in the Hebrew, the equal spaced letters, 20 apart spell the message, Jesus is my Name. In total the number of encoded messages from this passage alone that reveal the ministry of Jesus in detail is astounding and wondrous.

The number and precision of the hidden messages are such that it is impossible for them to be happenstance. No, this is the encoded messages that God put in the original language 1000s of years ago, for us to discover today, in the computer age. It puts to rest the debate about whether the bible is the authentic Word of God. Statically it is virtually impossible that it is Not.


I consulted with my scientifically trained husband to get the language of the science here correct. As I said to him this is not a scientific paper but an attempt to make very difficult subject easier to understand; especially for a non scientific brain like mine!

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Psalms 147:4 He counts the number of the stars;
He gives names to all of them.

Bible Numerics:

First discovered by Ivan Panin (1855-1945). He was a mathematical genius who, when he realised the extent and order of the bible numbering system converted to Christianity from agnosticism

Yacoh Rambser "Jesus is His Name"    An examination of the ESL he discovered in the Torah and other old Testament. It convinced him of the truth that Jeshua was the Messiah

 Many others have put the bible through computer programmes designed to find ESL codes. It is not an easy discipline, which I guess just show "How Great Is Our God" who put them there in the first place.