Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Testimony Part 2

Before we moved to the new town I remember the Lord talking to me about being like a tree, he was cutting the roots we had in the old town and transplanting us in the new.

The soil was hard, stoney and unyielding. Good from the family point of view but spiritually barren. I remember sharing a vision at a fellowship camp, about being with Jesus in heaven and how wonderful it was. I was rebuked by the oversight. Later the person concerned was found to be involved in sexual behaviour of a particulary unsavory kind.

The only time I had a revelation was about a fast which Jesus said that was not acceptable to him because the emphasis was on the feast after the fast, not on setting the captives free. We stayed 5 years

Overturned again we returned to our home city where we lived in my father's house for three years. We finally moved to our present home where we have been for 19 years. Final overturn. 

The first assembly we attended was the "home" fellowship but the fit wasn't right. So we visited other fellowships and realised that they had "forgotten more about worship than we had ever known". We finally settled in a fellowship having being invited by the pastor.

There was an "alive" feeling and a hunger for the Lord. I had a real stirring in my spirit that Something was going to happen. I had been in a barren land and that was about to change.

One morning in spring I was putting the washing on the line when the Lord spoke to me saying " I have called and chosen you to be a prophet". I was stunned and totally overwhelmed. I was so honoured because I know that while many are called, few are chosen. But to be a prophet - I hardly knew what that was. I mulled it over, telling no one, I just wanted to hide.

When Jesus told me to tell the pastor I really didn't want to and procrastinated. In the end he said "who do you fear most, him or me". I went and phoned the pastor straight away! What I found out was that he had asked the Lord for a prophet.  This was confirmation for us both.

I was about to enter the most amazing time of my walk with Jesus to date.


April 24 2016

Psalm 1:3  A tree planted by rivers of (living) water

Matt 22.14 For many are called, but few are chasen

Is 58:6 An acceptable fast

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