Letters From God


Julie Andrews


Part 3    A New Beginning

I gave myself to prayer and then in Jan 1994 the Lord started talking to me and I wrote down the words. These were my Letters from God.

I had never done anything like this before; it was a new way and he encouraged me to continue in a new way and new thoughts. My first question was to ask what the main characteristic He was looking for in a prophetic ministry. He gave me a comprehensive answer!

Right from the beginning He was talking to me about the Church needing to be raised up in new life and a new anointing.

"She is dull and lifeless, lethargic, moving mechanically without grace or beauty. But when the anointing comes she will spring to life and move with true grace and favour once more. I long for that day and will hasten it. Therefore do the work of repentance and reconciliation while there is time.

Allow my light to shine in the dark places, clean up your act while there is time for when the light shines then all will be revealed. I need cleansed pure vessels for this new work" Jan 27 1994

Of course this was personal as well as public. I Did need to clean up my act and there was a real period of cleansing of my life and spirit. It was hard at times but so rewarding as the Lord brought the dross to the surface of my understanding and dealt with it internally.

Essentially I was on my own. The pastor didn't really acknowledge me before the assembly. I remember that I only spoke one message in a meeting because the Lord put it on the Pastor's heart to "let her speak"

It was a message about how Jesus had shown me that I was lukewarm in his eyes and I needed to get Hot. Of course it was a message for all, as well as me. It was centered around Rev 3.14-22 which I knew was a message for our time and the Church. And I did know I was lukewarm! I prayed and still do pray verse18.

The pastor did take me to meet other prophetic leaders, which was helpful and I recognised their authority, but no one "took me under their wing" And maybe that was the way God wanted it. I had to learn to lean on Him totally.

I would seek the Lord for his word to give to the pastor, what he did with them I don't know, but I felt that wasn't my concern. My responsibility was to deliver as pure a word as I could in faith and trust that God would do the rest. There were members of  the assembly who know what I was and they would talk to me but overall the oversight didn't invite me into the "inner circle" to help with spiritual direction or understanding.

I did have a ministry in music and would often lead the singing which I loved. I once knelt before Jesus in front of the assembly as I became aware of His presence (I didn't see him). I was later told by one of the believers that she had often seen Jesus walking in the room during the singing.

I don't think any of us really realised how wonderful and significant that was. Our praise and worship was acceptable to Him and invited Him in. Remember this was 1994 and we still had Lots of understanding and revelation to come!

My realisation was that God was waiting to do a new work in the assembly and He wanted us to "sing a new song" to Him. I believe that a lot of the members of the assembly were wanting this too and were looking forward to a revival and a renewing of spiritual life. There was a hunger and yearning for God to work amongst us.


May 3 2016

Rev 3.14-22 Lukewarm Laodiceans need to buy gold tried in the fire etc

This is Still a Message for our Time. Yes there is a far greater understanding and revelation of Jesus, the Word. the Holy Spirit than in 1994 but there is Always room for more a greater anointing, a falling down of the glory of God, Signs & Wonders, Joy & grace abounding, Righteousness

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