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Julie Andrews


What Happened Next 

I have recently read that if the oversight does not want and does not allow (give permission to) what the assembly, or part thereof, want then it will not happen. Because God works from oversight authority down, not from the body, up. This now makes sense of what happened to this fellowship.

I had only ever spoken out twice in the meetings with the letters I was given.  Each week I would come prepared to speak but was not invited to do so. After that first time, I did my "thing" in the background as Jesus asked me to.

The other time was an evening "experimental" meeting where we sat in a circle with an empty center. People were invited to speak as lead and they did. It was as close as I had ever experienced to what an Acts meeting might have been like. Where everyone comes with a song, a testimony, a word to share as equals. It was good.

The Lord had me read my letter and then He had me watch as the pastor gradually took over the space in the center. This is where Jesus was seated but He was being pushed out and I was very aware that He was not pleased.

During that morning's meeting, I had been told Not to take communion because I would be unworthy of Jesus if I did. I put the elements down promoto! He said I would take communion that night, which was a first as far as I was aware (it was a morning meeting practise) but we Did have communion that night.

After this time I had a sense that the Sword of the Lord was hanging over the assembly building in judgment. I was also told by another believer that the Sword was over me too. I wasn't afraid as I was aware of the importance of speaking a true word and had done my best to do so.

Not long after this meeting I was asked to leave, I can't recall the reason, plus the Lord had told me to go as well. I handed back the music ministry and the prophecies/letters went to another sister. I never returned.

I found out later that the fellowship had lasted approximately another two years before the building was sold. I never did find out what happened exactly.

Except that I knew that Jesus had spewed the assembly out of his mouth, as he said he would do with the Laodicean Church because it were lukewarm. The oversight had had the opportunity to "sing a new song" to the Lord but they didn't.

Instead they chose to ignore the desire of the assembly and the Lord for renewal. I remember one of the singers praying about repentance with great urgency one time and the pastor was not happy with this.

Because they were the oversight They had the responsibility before God to hear and obey Him. Authority comes from the top down. It was a lesson to me about the enormous responsibility there is on anyone in authority to be obedient to God because He will  hold that one accountable.

In truth it was very sad as a great opportunity was lost and the flock was scattered. And for me it was the second church I had seen the Lord spew out because of being lukewarm.

May 8 2016

Corinthians 14.26 Paraphrased: They came to the meetings in one accord; one with a testimony, one with a song, another with a word for the edification of all

Luke12.48  To whom much is given much is expected.

Isa 42.9,10 Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them

Sing unto the Lord a new song and his praise from the ends of the earth and the fullness thereof: the isles and the inhabitants thereof.

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